Streaming Analytics Manager Overview
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Streaming Analytics Manager Personas

Four main modules within Streaming Analytics Manager offer services to different personas in an organization:

User Persona Module Module Features and Functionality
IT Engineer, Operations Engineer, Platform Engineer, Platform Operator Stream Management
  • Create service pools and environments.

  • Provision, manage and monitor stream apps.

  • Scale out or scale in stream apps based on resource consumption.

Application Developer Stream Builder
  • The Stream Builder tool assists in building analytic-focused stream apps.

  • The tool creates streams for event correlation, context enrichment, complex pattern matching, and aggregation. It can create alerts and notifications when patterns are detected and insights are discovered.

  • The interface uses a drag-and-drop visual programming paradigm.

Business Analyst, Data Analyst Stream Insight Superset
  • The Stream Insight tool assists in generating time-series and real-time analytics dashboards, charts, and graphs of metrics, alerts and notifications.

  • The tool provides interactive, ad-hoc analytics. You can issue ad-hoc queries, perform multidimensional analyses, and visualize the results in rich configurable dashboards.

  • The tool offers a self-service ability to create alerts and notification dashboards based on insights derived from the real-time streaming data flows.

SDK Developer Unified Streaming API
  • The unified streaming API abstracts out the underlying streaming engine, making it more straightforward to implement custom components. Initial support is for Storm.

The following subsections describe responsibilities for each persona. For additional information, see the following chapters in this guide:

Persona Chapter Reference
IT Engineer, Operations Engineer, Platform Engineer, Platform Operator

Installing and Configuring Streaming Analytics Manager

Managing Stream Apps

Application Developer

Running the Sample App

Building an End-to-End Stream App

Business Analyst, Data Analyst Creating Visualizations: Insight Slices
SDK Developer Adding Custom Builder Components