Streaming Analytics Manager Overview
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Analyst Persona

A business analyst uses the Streaming Analytics Manager Stream Insight module to create time-series and real-time analytics dashboards, charts and graphs; and create rich customizable visualizations of data.

Stream Insight Key Concepts

The following table describes key concepts of the Stream Insights module.

Stream Insight Concept Description
Analytics Engine
  • Stream Insight analytics engine is powered by Druid, an open source data store designed for OLAP queries on event data.

  • Data can be streamed into the Analytics engine via the Druid/Analytics Engine Sink that app developers can use when building streaming apps. The analytics engine sink can stream data into new/existing insight cubes.

Insight Data Source
  • A insight data source is powered by Druid that represents the store for streaming data. The cube can be queried to do rollups, aggregations and other powerful analytics

Insight Slice
  • A visualization that can be created from asking questions of the data source. An insight can be added to the dashboard

  • Consists of a set of slices. Dashboards are created by the Business analysts to perform descriptive analytics

A business analyst can create a wide array of visualizations to gather insights on streaming data.

The platform supports over 30+ visualizations the business analyst can create.