Getting Started with Streaming Analytics
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Enabling Reference Application Cluster for SMM

After installing DPS with the SMM application, you need to register the cluster you have created for the trucking reference application. The below steps walks you through this registration process.

  1. Log into DataPlane that was installed and click Add Cluster.
  2. Provide Ambari endpoint and details for the HDP/HDF cluster that is being added to DataPlane.
  3. After the cluster has been added, go to the cluster details page and enable the SMM application.
  4. Once the SMM app is enabled, you should see the SMM Icon from the app picker. Click on the SMM App to start monitoring the Kafka brokers in the cluster you registered.
  5. In the SMM App, every HDP/HDF cluster you enabled with SMM shows up in the cluster dropdown. Hence, a single SMM App can monitor multiple clusters. Select the cluster you want to monitor.