Creating the Ranger Plugin for HDF Services
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Set up NiFi Registry Ranger Plugin

The article describes how to integrate secured NiFi Registry and Ranger environments using Ambari.

  • NiFi Registry is installed and SSL is enabled (with certificates manually installed or installed using the NiFi Certificate Authority). Note the keystore and truststore names, locations, aliases, identity (DN) and passwords used when enabling SSL for NiFi Registry.
  • Ranger is installed and SSL is enabled. Note the name, location, aliases, identity (DN) and passwords used when creating keystores and truststores for Ranger.
  • If you want to use Kerberos, enable it for the HDF cluster before you proceed.

    You need to perform the following steps to set up NiFi Registry Ranger plugin:

  1. Establish communication between NiFi Registry and Ranger.
  2. Enable NiFi Registry Ranger plugin using Ambari.
  3. Confirm Ranger configuration.
  4. Set up Ranger Policies.