Using Apache NiFi Registry
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NiFi Registry User Interface

The NiFi Registry UI displays the shared resources available and provides mechanisms for creating and administering users/groups, buckets and policies.

When the application is started, the user is able to navigate to the UI by going to the default address of http://<hostname>:18080/nifi-registry in a web browser. There are no permissions configured by default, so anyone is able to view and modify the flows and buckets. For information on securing the system, see the Administration Guide.

When an administrator navigates to the UI for the first time, the registry is empty as there are no flow resources available to share yet:

The Buckets menu is available at the top left of the screen. It allows the user to display flows based on which bucket they are contained in. On the top right of the screen is the Settings button () which accesses functionality for managing users, groups, buckets and policies. Next to the Settings button is the Help button () which accesses the NiFi Registry Documentation.