Getting Started with Apache NiFi
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Downloading and Installing NiFi

NiFi can be downloaded from the Downloading Your Software documentation.

Mac OS X users may also use the tarball or can install via by simply running the command brew install nifi from the command line terminal.

NiFi requires Java 8 or 11. It is recommended that you have installed one of these Java versions prior to installing NiFi via Homebrew. Homebrew is aware NiFi depends on Java but not the specific supported versions, so it may prompt to install an incompatible JDK as part of its NiFi install.

For users who are not running OS X or do not have Homebrew installed, after downloading the version of NiFi that you would like to use, simply extract the archive to the location that you wish to run the application from.

For information on how to configure the instance of NiFi (for example, to configure security, data storage configuration, or the port that NiFi is running on), see the Administration Guide.