Getting Started with Streaming Analytics
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Two Options for Creating the Streaming Analytics Applications

Over the next few sections, we walk through building up the stream analytics app to implement all the requirements of this use case. This will entail actions such as:

  • Uploading Custom UDFs

  • Uploading Custom Sources

  • Uploading Custom Sinks

  • Uploading a PMML model into Model Registry

  • Uploading Custom Processors

  • Creating Service Pools for HDP and HDF

  • Create SAM Environment required for the Reference App

  • Building the Reference application with streaming joins, filtering, aggregations over windows, dashboarding, execute PMML models, doing streaming split pattern, etc..

  • Setting up Test Cases for the Reference App

There are two options to performing these actions:

  1. Doing all of these steps manually as the subsequent sections will walk you through. This is recommended if you are new to SAM and want to build a complex app from scratch.
  2. Running a utility that performs all of these actions for you.