Getting Started with Streaming Analytics
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Register Schemas for the Kafka Topics

Register schemas for the IOT gateway and syndication Kafka topics .Registering the Kafka topic schema is beneficial in several ways. Schema Registry provides a centralized schema location, allowing you to stream records into topics without having to attach the schema to each record.

  1. Log into the node where you have access to the Schema Registry Server.
  2. Download the Data-Loader and unzip the contents.
  3. Navigate to the Data-Loader directory:
    cd Data-Loader
  4. Execute the following:
    java -cp \
    stream-simulator-jar-with-dependencies.jar \
    hortonworks.hdf.sam.refapp.trucking.simulator.schemaregistry.TruckSchemaRegistryLoader \
    E.g: SCHEMA_REGISTRY_ENDPOINT_URL = http://SR_HOST::7788/api/v1