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NiFi Patches

This release provides NiFi 1.12.1 and the listed Apache patches.

The NiFi version in HDF is NiFi, which includes fixes that is available in Apache NiFi 1.12.1 as well as additional improvements.
  • NIFI-2580: Improve EvaluateJSONPath docs.
  • NIFI-4303: RabbitMQConsumer: Publish the message routing key as an attribute to flowfile.
  • NIFI-4897: Add documentation to user guide for terminating a processor.
  • NIFI-5829: Create Lookup Controller Services for RecordSetWriter and RecordReader.
  • NIFI-6820: If Processor adjusts a counter but does not interact with any FlowFiles, the counter isn't updated.
  • NIFI-7429: Add Status History capabilities for system level metrics.
  • NIFI-7452: Support adls_gen2_directory in Atlas reporting task.
  • NIFI-7503: PutSQL Shouldn't Commit When in AutoCommit Mode.
  • NIFI-7534: Consume MQTT Processor. Support EL for Topic Filter property.
  • NIFI-7549: Adding Hazelcast based DistributedMapCacheClient support.
  • NIFI-7557: Cache large/common FlowFile attributes when restoring FlowFile Repository.
  • NIFI-7565: Add DATE support to Nifi Kudu processor.
  • NIFI-7584: LOG OUT button does not work when OpenID Connect is used for authentication.
  • NIFI-7624: Build a ListenFTP processor.
  • NIFI-7637: ValidateRecord does not validate datatypes in an array.
  • NIFI-7685: Add UTF8 support for FetchFTP.
  • NIFI-7719: Allow NiFi CLI to use additional authN mechanisms.
  • NIFI-7745: Add a SampleRecord processor.
  • NIFI-7777: CompressContent should accept password.
  • NIFI-7796: Add Prometheus metrics for total bytes received and bytes sent for components.
  • NIFI-7815: Enhance the logging in MergeContent processor.
  • NIFI-7817: ParquetReader fails to instantiate due to missing default value for compression-type property.
  • NIFI-7825: Support native library loading via absolute path.
  • NIFI-7827: PutS3Object multipart state directory should be configurable.
  • NIFI-7830: PutAzureDataLakeStorage fails on large files.
  • NIFI-7843: Recursive avro schemas fail to write with RecordWriter.
  • NIFI-7852: Correction in additionalDetails of LookupRecord documentation.
  • NIFI-7854: Add proxy username/password support to SQS processors.
  • NIFI-7859: Write execution duration attributes to SelectHive3QL output flow files.
  • NIFI-7867: diagnostics also runs the env command.
  • NIFI-7871: Correct errors in documentation for UUID3, UUID5 and hash in Expression Language Guide.
  • NIFI-7874: S3List processor in v1.12.1 uses lots of CPU power and RAM.
  • NIFI-7892: Create a Logout page for OIDC.
  • NIFI-7909: Change DataTypeUtils.toInteger() to use Math.toIntExact().
  • NIFI-7914: Upgrade dependencies.
  • NIFI-7916: refactor CountText to ignore whitespace words when counting.
  • NIFI-7920: When enabling Controller Services, if Cluster Coordinator fails to enable, can result in service becoming unmodifiable with error "Revision ... is not the most up-to-date revision. This component appears to have been modified".
  • NIFI-7923: Nar Auto-Loader cannot recover from Throwable/Error.
  • NIFI-7925: ValidateRecord reports false positive for avro arrays with null elements.
  • NIFI-7929: connectionTimeout and readTimeout options are not exposed in the CLI.
  • NIFI-7933: Set proper property descriptor for CSV Escape.
  • NIFI-7941: Add options and example(s) for NiFi Registry mode to the Encrypt-Config section of the Toolkit Guide.
  • NIFI-7942: Status History fails on Record processors.
  • NIFI-7943: Add application properties to GetAzureEventHub.
  • NIFI-7944: When importing a flow from registry, Controller Service may lose track of Referencing Components.
  • NIFI-7952: Allow PutKudu to take RecordPath for determining Operation Type and data to insert.
  • NIFI-7953: Allow ConsumeKafka_2_* / ConsumeKafkaRecord_2_* to separate Records based on Message Key.
  • NIFI-7954: HBase_*_ClientService should wrap calls in getUgi().doAs.
  • NIFI-7956: Allow PutKudu to optionally rollback on failure instead of transferring to failure.
  • NIFI-7959: Implement MonitorActivity disconnection management.
  • NIFI-7968: PutHDFS/PutParquet fail to write to Kerberized HDFS with KMS enabled.
  • NIFI-7972: TailFile reading from NFS may introduce NUL characters.
  • NIFI-7976: JSON Schema Inference infers long type when all values fit in integer type.
  • NIFI-7984: Add Run Duration to FetchHBaseRow processor in NiFi.
  • NIFI-7992: Content Repository can fail to cleanup archive directory fast enough.
  • NIFI-7993: Upgrade Jetty from 9.4.26.v20200117 to 9.4.34.v20201102.
  • NIFI-7994: ReplaceText concurrency issue.
  • NIFI-7996: Conversion with ConvertRecord to avro results in invalid date.
  • NIFI-7999: NiFi startup can be very slow if using many load balanced connections per node.
  • NIFI-8017: NPEx at org.apache.nifi.provenance.index.lucene. IndexDirectoryManager:486.
  • NIFI-8020: TailFile can leave FileChannel open when handling NUL characters.
  • NIFI-8054: When components are removed from flow, their class loaders are not cleaned up.

For more information on fixed Apache NiFi patches, see