Release Notes
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ZooKeeper Patches

This release provides ZooKeeper 3.4.6 and the listed Apache patches.

  • ZOOKEEPER-602: Log all exceptions not caught by ZK threads.
  • ZOOKEEPER-1045: Support Quorum Peer mutual authentication via SASL.
  • ZOOKEEPER-1342: quorum Listener & LearnerCnxAcceptor are missing thread names.
  • ZOOKEEPER-1392: Request READ or ADMIN permission for getAcl().
  • ZOOKEEPER-1907: Improve Thread handling.
  • ZOOKEEPER-2029: Leader.LearnerCnxAcceptor should handle exceptions in run().
  • ZOOKEEPER-2186: QuorumCnxManager#receiveConnection may crash with random input.
  • ZOOKEEPER-2247: Zookeeper service becomes unavailable when leader fails to write transaction log.
  • ZOOKEEPER-2360: Update commons collections version used by tests/releaseaudit.
  • ZOOKEEPER-2498: Potential resource leak in C client when processing unexpected / out of order response.
  • ZOOKEEPER-2594: Use TLS for downloading artifacts during build.
  • ZOOKEEPER-2775: ZK Client not able to connect with Xid out of order error.
  • ZOOKEEPER-3043: QuorumKerberosHostBasedAuthTest fails on Linux box: Unable to parse:includedir /etc/krb5.conf.d/.
  • ZOOKEEPER-3253: Client should not send requests with cxid=-4, -2, or -1.