Streaming Analytics Manager Overview
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Streaming Analytics Manager Overview

The Hortonworks DataFlow Platform (HDF) provides flow management, stream processing, and enterprise services for collecting, curating, analyzing and acting on data in motion across on-premise data centers and cloud environments.

As the following diagram illustrates, Hortonworks Streaming Analytics Manager (SAM) is an application within the stream processing suite of the HDF platform:

Use Streaming Analytics Manager to design, develop, deploy and manage streaming analytics apps with a drag-and-drop visualization paradigm. Streaming Analytics Manager allows you to build streaming analytics apps for event correlation, context enrichment, complex pattern matching, and analytic aggregations. You can create alerts and notifications when insights are discovered.

Streaming Analytics Manager is agnostic to the underlying streaming engine, and it can support multiple streaming substrates such as Storm, Spark Streaming, Flink, etc. The first streaming engine fully supported is Apache Storm.