Streaming Analytics Manager Overview
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Processor builder components are used to manipulate events in the stream.

The following table lists processors that are available with Streaming Analytics Manager.

Processor Name Description
  • Joins two streams together based on a field from each stream.

  • Two join types are supported: inner and left.

  • Joins are based on a window that you can configure based on time or count.

  • Allows you to configure rule conditions that route events to different streams.

  • Standard conditional operators are supported for rules.

  • Configuring a rule has two modes:

    • General: Guided rule creation using drop-down menus.

    • Advanced: Write complex SQL to construct a rule.

  • Rules are translated to SQL to be applied on the stream.

  • An event goes through all the conditions and if it matches multiple rules the event is sent to all the matching output streams.

  • Performs functions over windows of events.

  • Two types of windows are supported: tumbling and sliding.

  • You can create window criteria based on time interval and count.

  • Window functions supported out of the box include: stddev, stddevp, variance, variancecep, avg, min, max, sum, count. The system is extensible to add custom functions as well.

  • Applies transformations to the events in the stream

  • Extensive set of OOO functions and the ability to add your own functions

  • Performs a standard if-else construct for routing.

  • The even is routed to the first rule it matches. Once an event has matched a rule, no further condition search is performed.

  • Executes a PMML model that is stored in the Model Registry. PMML has been minimally tested as part of the Tech Preview, and should not be used.