Streaming Analytics Manager Authentication
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Logging into SAM for the First Time

To log into SAM for the first time and to create other users, you must log in with the streamline principal and keytab.

  1. Use Ambari to download the Kerberos client your local machine:
    1. In Ambari, select Hosts, and select a host.
    2. Click Host Actions, then Download Client Configs, then Kerberos Client.
    3. Run the following command:
      tar -zxvf KERBEROS_CLIENT-configs.tar
    4. Copy the krb5.conf to /etc.
  2. Copy the Keytab for the streamline user.

    Copy the key tab from $FQDN_SAM_NODE:/etc/security/keytabs/streamline.service.keytab to you local machine.

  3. Log in as the streamline user:
    kinit -kt streamline.service.keytab streamline-<your_cluster_name>@<REALM_NAME>


You are now able to access the SAM UI securely, and can proceed with creating additional users.

More Information

See Managing Users and Assigning them to Roles