Creating the Ranger Plugin for HDF Services
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Set up Ranger Policies

This article describes how to set up Ranger policies.

  1. In the Ranger Admin UI, go to Access Manager > Resource Based Policies to configure other user policies.
  2. Select the NiFi Registry service repository entry link, and click the edit button next to the all - nifi-registry-resource entry.
  3. In the Allow Conditions section select the users who can access this policy.
    You need to add both Read and Write permissions.
  4. Click Save to save the policy with the new settings and confirm that the configured user can access NiFi Registry with given rights by logging into NiFi Registry.
  5. Confirm that login access are audited in Ranger using the Audit screen and navigating to the Access tab.
    Now Ranger can be used to administer policy for NiFi Registry.