Installing HDF Services on a New HDP Cluster
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Add HDF Services to an HDP Cluster

You can use the HDF management pack and Ambari to add HDF services to an HDP cluster.

After installing the mpack and updating the base url, when you try to add an HDF service to an HDP cluster (for example, NiFi), the task might fail with the following exception:
Caught an exception while executing custom service command: <class 'ambari_agent.AgentException.AgentException'>: 'Script /var/lib/ambari-agent/cache/common-services/NIFI/1.0.0/package/scripts/ does not exist'; 'Script /var/lib/ambari-agent/cache/common-services/NIFI/1.0.0/package/scripts/ does not exist'

Go to /etc/ambari-server/conf/ on the host where the Ambari server resides, set the value of the property to true, and restart the Ambari server.

  1. If you are installing HDF services on an existing HDP Cluster, on the Ambari home page, click the button Actions and select + Add Service.

  2. Select the HDF Services (NiFi and NiFi Registry) you want to install.
  3. On the Assign Masters screen, distribute master services using the preceding deployment diagram of the Stream Processing cluster.
  4. On the Assign Slaves and Clients screen, distribute slave services using the deployment diagram of the Stream Processing cluster.