Using Apache NiFi Registry
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Upload Bundle

A bundle can be uploaded to a bucket by making a POST request to the following REST end-point:


Replace bucketId with the id of the bucket where the bundle is being uploaded to and bundleType with the type of bundle being uploaded. Currently, the only supported bundle type is a NiFi Archives (NARs) which can be specified as nifi-nar.

The Content-Type of the request is expected to be multipart/form-data. An example of using curl to upload my-processors-1.0.0.nar would be the following:

curl -v -F file=@/path/to/my-processors-1.0.0.nar http://localhost:18080/nifi-registry-api/buckets/de8e08c9-592d-4e10-affe-b3752698f1d9/bundles/nifi-nar
In order to upload a NAR to NiFi Registry, it must contain the file META-INF/docs/extension-manifest.xml which is produced by the NAR Maven plugin, starting with version 1.3.0.