6. Fixed Issues

Fixed issues represents selected issues that were previously logged via Hortonworks Support, but are now addressed in the current release. These issues may have been reported in previous versions within the Known Issues section; meaning they were reported by customers or identified by Hortonworks Quality Engineering team.

KeyApache JIRASummary
BUG-10529HIVE-4627Add support for total ordering of output




GRIDMIX000000 got final Status KILLED with container reuse disabled - AM OOM
BUG-11102YARN-1445[YARN-1445] Separate FINISHING and FINISHED state in YarnApplicationState
BUG-12327YARN-90[Yarn-90] NM cannot detect when bad disks become healthy again.



Create bulkload integration Test with replica option
BUG-12650FALCON-303Falcon API changes required for Mirroring UI
BUG-12699HDFS-573libHDFS native library for Windows
BUG-13215HBASE-9445HBase Snapshot Input Format IT Cannot Run with Default Number of Regions
BUG-14013HIVE-6507hcatalog should automatically work with new tableproperties in ORC
BUG-14645HDFS-6678MiniDFSCluster leaves CacheReplicationMonitor thread running causing heap thrashing and eventual failure of Oozie unittests
BUG-14846FLUME-1734Hive Sink Unit test needs a way to interact with Hive and check streamed data
BUG-14969HIVE-6549remove hcatalog/bin/hive-config.sh
BUG-15077PHOENIX-1072sqlline.py: On failed connection, continues to run in the background



HDFS-2882: Receiving NPE Errors when starting datanode due to a mount not being accessible
BUG-15413TEZ-1027Recovery Information does not get stored at tez.staging-dir with session on
BUG-15466HBASE-10785HBase Bloomberg HA Replica Integration Test get/mutli-get fails
BUG-15613YARN-1885[YARN-1885] yarn logs command did not provide logs for all containers across all attempts
BUG-15733HIVE-7071Schema evolution is broken on Tez



sigsegv in mapred history server due to segfault in JniBasedUnixGroupsMapping
BUG-15881HIVE-7579Error messaging for different authorization failures is not informative
BUG-15988PIG-3989Need a way to pass PIG_OPTS to Hadoop for all Hadoop versions
BUG-16257HBASE-10123Hbase master fails to start due to BindException
BUG-16279HIVE-8203Valid transaction list acquired before locks in Driver.java
BUG-16281HIVE-8258Cleaner needs to track readers reading its files rather than acquire a lock
BUG-16293HADOOP-10472KerberosAuthenticator writes security logs on the client
BUG-16512TEZ-1033[TEZ-1033] AM hangs during recovery with Awaiting init event
BUG-16566YARN-2016Yarn getApplicationRequest start time range is not honored
BUG-16596HIVE-6626Hive does not expand the DOWNLOADED_RESOURCES_DIR path
BUG-16609TEZ-1044Need to consider map/reduce java.opts values for container reuse
BUG-16650MAPREDUCE-5831[MAPREDUCE-5831] Old MR client is not compatible with new MR application
BUG-16795HADOOP-10503update junit dependency for all components to 4.11
BUG-16829YARN-1976[YARN-1976] Tracking url missing http protocol for FAILED application
BUG-16862YARN-1922Process group remains alive after container process is killed externally
BUG-16908YARN-920YARN RM shows one running app but a node shows its running more than one
BUG-16913HDFS-6715[HDFS-6715] webhdfs wont fail over when it gets java.io.IOException: Namenode is in startup mode
BUG-16918HIVE-7342SQL std auth - should be possible to configure it using hive configuration files alone
BUG-16985HADOOP-10508EBay Code Review - Please review and commit HADOOP-10508
BUG-17034YARN-1250[YARN-1250] Add ACLs manager of the generic history
BUG-17105YARN-2269External links needs to be removed from YARN UI
BUG-17231HIVE-7250Problems loading wide tables into ORC
BUG-17238FALCON-229Enable SSL for Falcon REST API
BUG-17307HIVE-7533support SQL std authz from hive cli
BUG-17521HIVE-7052Optimizing tez split calculation time
BUG-17533FALCON-434champlain CI: falcon doesn't compile with hive trunk
BUG-17710HBASE-11149Wire encryption is broken
BUG-17787TEZ-1240Tracking jira for Tez diagnostic message improvement.



allow specifying tasks/vertices to be profiled
BUG-17884YARN-1104[YARN-1104] NMs to support rolling logs of stdout & stderr
BUG-17902PIG-3949Pig compilation Failure - Champlain



Hive on tez job failed as it never finished
BUG-18018YARN-1338[YARN-1338] [Review] Recover localized resource cache state upon nodemanager restart
BUG-18138AMBARI-7098ipc.server.tcpnodelay should be enabled by default
BUG-18146TEZ-657Tez should not consider tasks running in pre-empted containers to have failed
BUG-18256HADOOP-9888Apache HADOOP-9888 KerberosName static initialization gets default realm, which causes big slow-down in non-secure deployment.
BUG-18257HDFS-6455NFS: Exception should be added in NFS log for invalid separator in allowed.hosts (HDFS-6455)
BUG-18437TEZ-1160[TEZ-1160] Allow users to set non-tez configs on client side
BUG-18662YARN-1339[YARN-1339] Code review for recovering DeletionService state in NodeManager Restart
BUG-18704HDFS-6581Support memory as storage tier
BUG-18711HDFS-2856HDFS DataNode must not require to be started as ROOT (HDFS-2856)



Ambari support for DataNode no longer running as root.



champlain mahout auto merge is broken
BUG-18923TEZ-1387BUG-17787 Insufficient diagnostics/error messages when jobs fail on a badly setup cluster
BUG-18933HIVE-7219upload/checkin unrolling code
BUG-18934HIVE-7231fix stripe padding (64M - 256M blocks)
BUG-19015FALCON-482Concurrently update/delete a process fails in falcon
BUG-19019YARN-2167[YARN-2167] LeveldbIterator should get closed in NMLeveldbStateStoreService#loadLocalizationState() within finally block
BUG-19033HIVE-7324Unit test framework addition to allow import of metadata/explain only queries
BUG-19109PIG-4019champlain pig compile is broken -
BUG-19111YARN-2173[YARN-2173] Enabling HTTPS for the reader REST APIs of TimelineServer
BUG-19112YARN-2174[YARN-2174] Enabling HTTPs for the writer REST API of TimelineServer
BUG-19113YARN-2102[YARN-2102] More generalized timeline ACLs
BUG-19114MAPREDUCE-5858[MAPREDUCE-5858] MR should make use of the timeline server
BUG-19116MAPREDUCE-5933BUG-17687 [Review][MAPREDUCE-5933] Enable MR AM to post history events to the timeline server
BUG-19235YARN-611[YARN-611] Add an AM retry count reset window to YARN RM
BUG-19268HDFS-6689NFS: can't access file under directory with 711 access right as other user
BUG-19284TEZ-1223At large scale (10 TB), shuffle throws errors "Encoded byte size for String was -30, which is outside of 0..1000 range."
BUG-19324TEZ-1080Configuration for Intermediate Inputs and Outputs
BUG-19326TEZ-1209Add Javadoc for Tez APIs
BUG-19328TEZ-857Separate user facing and framework facing interfaces on Tez runtime
BUG-19417PIG-4218Pig OrcStorage fail to load a map with null key
BUG-19428YARN-614[YARN-614] Retry attempts automatically for hardware failures or YARN issues and set default app retries to 1
BUG-19496YARN-2208BUG-17882 [YARN-2208] AMRMTokenManager need to have a way to roll over AMRMToken
BUG-19607YARN-2228[YARN-2228] TimelineServer should load pseudo authentication filter when authentication = simple
BUG-19645YARN-2247[YARN-2247] Add support for authentication for RM web services using delegation tokens
BUG-19731YARN-2211BUG-17882 [YARN-2211]RMStateStore needs to save AMRMToken master key for recovery when RM restart/failover happens
BUG-19732YARN-2212BUG-17882 [YARN-2212]ApplicationMaster needs to find a way to update the AMRMToken periodically
BUG-19733YARN-2237BUG-17882 [YARN-2237]MRAppMaster changes for AMRMToken roll-up
BUG-19880TEZ-1238Display more clear diagnostics info on client side if missing jar in LocalResource or Exception happen in Processor
BUG-19884YARN-2045[YARN-2045] Versioning NMStateStore for Rolling Upgrade
BUG-19885MAPREDUCE-5963[MAPREDUCE-5963]Make ShuffleHandler state versioning in rolling upgrade
BUG-19999HDFS-6570add api that enables checking if a user has certain permissions on a file
BUG-20046HBASE-11940Provide snapshot-all and restore-all scripts to support rolling upgrade
BUG-20065YARN-2288[YARN-2288] LeveldbTimelineStore should be versioned for rolling upgrade
BUG-20082HADOOP-7657Included support for LZ4 compression in Hadoop
BUG-20143AMBARI-7894Change Ambari Tez Runtime configs post TEZ-1272
BUG-20173HIVE-6928Beeline truncates output rows longer than 170 characters
BUG-20184HADOOP-8069Have the tcpnodelay flag set to true in the hadoop configurations?
BUG-20202YARN-2298[YARN-2298] Move TimelineClient to yarn-common
BUG-20246YARN-2302[YARN-2302] Refactor TimelineWebServices
BUG-20258YARN-668[YARN-668] TokenIdentifier serialization should consider unknown fields for future extension
BUG-20283FALCON-466REST APIs must add the entity owner as an implicit filter





Add Bulk APIs to drive the dashboard needs
BUG-20295FALCON-469Add ability to filter by tags in REST API
BUG-20296STORM-361Add JSON-P support to Storm UI API STORM-361
BUG-20297STORM-349(Security) ui actions should have nimbus like authroization - STORM-349
BUG-20298STORM-347authentication should allow for groups not just users STORM-347
BUG-20299KAFKA-1483Split Brain about Leader Partitions KAFKA-1483
BUG-20301KAFKA-1070Auto-assign node id KAFKA-1070
BUG-20302STORM-346(Security) Oozie style delegation tokens for HDFS/HBase STORM-346
BUG-20372HIVE-7297org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.WindowsPathUtil is not easy to be reused across different hive projects
BUG-20374HIVE-7295automatically set ownership of new files/dirs to Administrators group instead of individual user
BUG-20386KAFKA-1483Using GetOffsetShell against non-existent topic creates the topic unintentionally KAFKA-1507
BUG-20395HIVE-7472Support for additional filetypes in webhcat java client api
BUG-20424HIVE-7616Use cardinality estimate for hive.hashtable.initialCapacity instead of using nextHighestPowerOfTwo(100000)
BUG-20467YARN-2347[YARN-2347]Consolidate RMStateVersion and NMDBSchemaVersion into StateVersion
BUG-20590YARN-2505[YARN-2505] Support get/set hard node labels using RM REST API
BUG-20697HIVE-7620Hive metastore fails to start in secure mode due to "java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: SASL_PROPS" error
BUG-20699SLIDER-267Slider AM web UI should give a link to show AM logs
BUG-20718TEZ-978Enhance auto parallelism tuning for queries having empty outputs or data skewness
BUG-20730FLUME-2491test_Basic failed with org.apache.flume.FlumeException: Unable to load sink type: org.apache.flume.sink.solr.morphline.MorphlineSolrSink, class: org.apache.flume.sink.solr.morphline.MorphlineSolrSink
BUG-20738HDFS-6898HDFS Fails to write 1replica data when local disks fill up
BUG-20769HDFS-6836HDFS INFO logging is verbose & uses file appenders
BUG-20921HIVE-8279drop table proceeds without authorization check if "db.table" syntax is used




Integration test class IntegrationTestRegionReplicaPerf fails complaining about region replication enabled performance not being as fast enough as without replication
BUG-21033HDFS-6830NameNode must handle block migration between storages on the same DN
BUG-21049HIVE-7648HiveAuthorizer.checkPrivileges(hiveOpType=SWITCHDATABASE): parameters should include database name
BUG-21050HIVE-7648HiveAuthorizer.checkPrivileges(hiveOpType=CREATEDATABASE/CREATETABLE): parameters should include database name/table name respectively
BUG-21051HIVE-7648HiveAuthorizer.checkPrivileges(hiveOpType= DROPINDEX): parameters should include database name and table name
BUG-21172HDFS-6376Distcp data between two HA clusters fail with error
BUG-21222YARN-1506[YARN-1506]Replace set resource change on RMNode/SchedulerNode directly with event notification.
BUG-21241HADOOP-10966Hadoop build Failure on Windows platform only.
BUG-21253HIVE-8687Pig throws java.lang.ClassCastException when storing into Avro partitioned table with HCatLoader.
BUG-21357HBASE-12052CsvBulkLoadTool gets blocked if executed with hrt_qa user
BUG-21372YARN-2426[HDFS-6904] ResourceManger is not able renew WebHDFS token when application submitted by Yarn WebService
BUG-21377YARN-2425[YARN-2425] When Application submitted by via Yarn RM WS, log aggregation does not happens
BUG-21413MAPREDUCE-5891[MAPREDUCE-5891] Improved shuffle error handling across NM restarts
BUG-21419SLIDER-334slider compilation failure
BUG-21520FALCON-598ProcessHelper throws NPE if the process has no inputs OR no outputs defined



Beeline should show HS2 logs
BUG-21671YARN-2182Container Id format gets changed after work preserving rm restart
BUG-21674YARN-2538BUG-17882 [YARN-2538]Add logs when new AMRMToken arrives.
BUG-21692YARN-2446[YARN-2446] Using TimelineNamespace to shield the entities of a user
BUG-21693YARN-2449[YARN-2449] Regression after YARN-2397 for timeline server
BUG-21709HADOOP-10995[HADOOP-10995] HBase cannot run correctly with Hadoop trunk
BUG-21756MAPREDUCE-6052[MAPREDUCE-6052] Support overriding log4j.properties per job
BUG-21798HBASE-11886Regression: In case of secured cluster, user with only 'C' create permission was able to insert new data prior to Champlain, but not anymore in Champlain
BUG-21850HIVE-7695incorrect count(*) results after insert appending data
BUG-21859HIVE-5775Clone hive cbo branch in hwx github repo
BUG-21985YARN-2468BUG-12006 [YARN-2468] Log handling for LRS
BUG-22008YARN-2459[YARN-2459] ResourceManager receives FATAL "org.apache.hadoop.yarn.server.resourcemanager.ResourceManager: Received a org.apache.hadoop.yarn.server.resourcemanager.RMFatalEvent of type STATE_STORE_OP_FAILED."
BUG-22037HIVE-7971Not able to update decimal type on partitioned data in Hive 13
BUG-22081TEZ-1536Tez - There's a typo in the code, it has 'configuration' spelled wrong in the error message.
BUG-22111TEZ-1494[TEZ-1494] DAG hangs waiting for ShuffleManager.getNextInput()
BUG-22113TEZ-978[TEZ-978] Enhance auto parallelism tuning for queries having empty outputs or data skewness
BUG-22115TEZ-1540[TEZ-1540] [Umbrella] Handle parallelism updates and versioning w/ custom InputInitializerEvents
BUG-22116TEZ-1157[TEZ-1157] Optimize broadcast :- Tasks pertaining to same job in same machine should not download multiple copies of broadcast data
BUG-22148HBASE-11973Mapreduce job cannot commit due to FileNotFoundException of container_token



AccumuloStorageHandler doesn't work with Hive on Tez
BUG-22195HBASE-11974In Champlain when a disabled table is being copied, it throws NotServingRegionException instead of TableNotEnabledException
BUG-22197HADOOP-11063KMS breaks all champlain windows installs
BUG-22213FALCON-669Falcon should have a default value for workflow.execution.listeners configuration
BUG-22222HDFS-6996Snapshot diff report has IndexOutOfBoundsException.
BUG-22233HDFS-6981Support DN layout changes with rolling upgrade
BUG-22267HDFS-6998Windows: warning message 'ssl.client.truststore.location has not been set' gets printed for hftp command
BUG-22281HBASE-12056IntegrationTestRegionReplicaReplication fails
BUG-22290HBASE-11903test_ReplicaSplitTable fails as the expected replica number after compaction is not the same as actual replica number
BUG-22297YARN-2515Tez task fails to find correct container in HA configuration



BUG-22192 Windows Hbase Unit Test Failures
BUG-22312TEZ-1549Windows Tez Unit Test Failure
BUG-22317FALCON-728Linux Falcon Unit Test Failures
BUG-22395PIG-4157Pig compilation failure due to HIVE-7208
BUG-22418HBASE-12099copyTable tests fail with error java.lang.NoSuchMethodError
BUG-22442YARN-2758BUG-22334 [YARN-2758] Unit test failures in TestApplicationHistoryService in Champlain builds
BUG-22451PIG-4156Null pointer exception in PIG when executing a script remotely on Linux
BUG-22528HIVE-8052Vectorization: min() on TimeStamp datatype fails with error "Vector aggregate not implemented: min for type: TIMESTAMP"
BUG-22532PIG-4141Orc tests failed with '/hive-common-.jar' does not exist.
BUG-22551HIVE-8045External table creation fails when metastore.authorization is set to use MetaStoreAuthzAPIAuthorizerEmbedOnly and sql std auth is enabled from hive-site.xml
BUG-22562HDFS-7073Inter Cluster Distcp fails




Storm Misc issues on Windows
BUG-22601HBASE-11972Hbase secure model is not working
BUG-22602YARN-2529[YARN-2529] Generic history service RPC interface doesn't work when service authorization is enabled
BUG-22603HBASE-12099BUG-22192 TestScannerModel fails consistently
BUG-22635YARN-2464[YARN-2464] Provide Hadoop as a local resource (on HDFS) which can be used by other projcets
BUG-22646SLIDER-184Slider support for an HA enabled Cluster
BUG-22664HIVE-8045add jar, dfs fails from hive cli when hive.security.authorization.manager is set to org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.security.authorization.plugin.sqlstd.SQLStdHiveAuthorizerFactory in hive-site.xml
BUG-22665HIVE-8221Webhcat tests for restricted permissions failing
BUG-22668FALCON-740Scheduled feed or process cannot be deleted
BUG-22761HIVE-8257WebHcat component showing NoSuchMethodError: Text ClientRMProxy.getRMDelegationTokenService(Configuration)
BUG-22810HIVE-8062Stats collection for columns fails on a partitioned table with null values in partitioning column



Improved shuffle error handling across NM restarts
BUG-22849SQOOP-1519Sqoop: hive-import and Hbase import fails with -- direct option - with oraoop
BUG-22864ACCUMULO-3145ShellServerIT-listscans fails on secure cluster because it Could not find any active scans over table listscans
BUG-22869ACCUMULO-3144test.AuditMessageIT-testUserOperationsAudits fails on secure cluster with unexpected value at assertion
BUG-22879HIVE-8107BUG-22878 Improve error msg for UPDATE of invalid table
BUG-22880HIVE-8105BUG-22878 add support NULL literal in INSERT VALUES statement
BUG-22882HIVE-8191BUG-22878 attempt to insert/update/delete a non acid table should raise an error
BUG-22883HIVE-8104BUG-22878 INSERT VALUES statement runs in vectorized mode NPEs
BUG-22886HIVE-7877BUG-22878 Insert/values with negative values causes a parse exception
BUG-22891TEZ-1575[TEZ-1575]Add MR settings support to MRRSleep
BUG-22902HIVE-8078ORC Delta encoding corrupts data when delta overflows long
BUG-22911YARN-2563[YARN-2563] Oozie jobs are failing with authentication errors
BUG-22933PIG-4170Multiquery with different type of key gives wrong result
BUG-22939TEZ-1585Investigate: Memory leak in session mode
BUG-22962TEZ-1634Tez job via fails with Caused by: java.io.IOException: Exceeded MAX_FAILED_UNIQUE_FETCHES
BUG-22964PIG-4176Bloom_* fails on Pig on Tez with File Not found exception
BUG-22968SLIDER-430Slider registry should give better error message on missing command
BUG-22997PIG-4184Datafu UnitTest failures - linux
BUG-23004SLIDER-481Application level exports (exportGroups) should allow multiple exports of the same name on a per component instance basis
BUG-23007YARN-2557[YARN-2557]Need to add a parameter "attemptFailuresValidityInterval" in DistributedShell
BUG-23028HBASE-11989IntegrationTestLoadAndVerify cannot be configured anymore on distributed mode
BUG-23035YARN-2559[YARN-2559] ResourceManager sometime become un-responsive due to NPE in SystemMetricsPublisher
BUG-23092HIVE-8149ReduceSinkDeDup optimization needs to be turned off for ACID
BUG-23094HIVE-8152BUG-22878 Updates don't allow expressions in set clause
BUG-23095HBASE-12052hbase champlain linux unittest failure
BUG-23104TEZ-1624tez champlain linux unittest failure
BUG-23109AMBARI-7350Add support for SLIDER to the Champlain stack
BUG-23111HIVE-8212alter view query doesn't work from hcatalog anymore
BUG-23130YARN-2565[YARN-2565]RM is fails to start when AHS/GHS is enabled in secure mode without doing manual kinit as yarn
BUG-23168HIVE-8042Hive queries execute MoveTasks sequentially which slows down performance significantly in large queries.
BUG-23169HIVE-8167Champlain compile broken on hive
BUG-23195HIVE-8170Hive fails to run on Windows
BUG-23196HDFS-6584Umbrella jira for tracking in-progress Archival Storage work
BUG-23215HIVE-8203table_insert_auth_role.q, table_insert_auth_user.q and HBase_5 tests are failing because of NPE
BUG-23294HADOOP-11109[HADOOP-11109] champlain linux bustage on hadoop-common-project/hadoop-kms/src/site/apt/index.apt.vm
BUG-23340PIG-4187Orc_3 fails with FileNotFoundException
BUG-23355YARN-2594[YARN-2594] ResourceManger sometimes Hangs blocking tests to run
BUG-23370HBASE-12072Integration tests stuck on windows and linux
BUG-23469YARN-2569BUG-12006 [YARN-2569]Log Handling for LRS API Changes
BUG-23470YARN-2581BUG-12006 [YARN-2581]NMs need to find a way to get LogAggregationContext
BUG-23471YARN-2583BUG-12006 [YARN-2583]Modify the LogDeletionService to support Log aggregation for LRS
BUG-23472YARN-2582BUG-12006 [YARN-2582]Log related CLI and Web UI changes for LRS
BUG-23480HDFS-6988Make RAM Disk eviction thresholds configurable
BUG-23481HDFS-6932Block Mover/Balancer from moving file blocks on transient storage
BUG-23512YARN-2613[YARN-2613] NMClient doesn't have retries for supporting rolling-upgrades
BUG-23522HIVE-8203BUG-22878 ACID operations result in NPE when run through HS2
BUG-23526HDFS-7172HDFS test files checked out of git with incorrect line endings.
BUG-23531HBASE-12072Hbase tests get stuck when master is not running
BUG-23545HDFS-7129Adding metrics to track usage of memory for writes
BUG-23556FLUME-2451Flume HDFS Sink needs to be able to handle namenode restart
BUG-23574HBASE-12040Scan with filters has regression in performance
BUG-23591SLIDER-450Rename appConfig.json and resources.json files as default inside the app package
BUG-23602YARN-2598[YARN-2598] GHS should show N/A instead of null for the inaccessible information
BUG-23610SLIDER-448AMFailuresIT test fails in slider
BUG-23622YARN-2602[YARN-2602] Generic History Service of TimelineServer sometimes not able to handle NPE
BUG-23668HIVE-8277IP address returned by HiveAuthzContext.getIpAddress() has a leading "/"
BUG-23714MAPREDUCE-5933BUG-17687 [Review][MAPREDUCE-5933] Enable MR AM to post history events to the timeline server
BUG-23734HIVE-8272Query with particular decimal expression causes NPE during execution initialization
BUG-23741YARN-2591[YARN-2591] AHSWebServices should return FORBIDDEN(403) if the request user doesn't have access to the history data
BUG-23750HADOOP-11177[HADOOP-11177]MR tar ball for distributed cache should not include version number after unzip.
BUG-23753HBASE-12123BucketCache assertion error
BUG-23761YARN-2615[YARN-2615] ClientToAMTokenIdentifier and DelegationTokenIdentifier(s)
BUG-23764HDFS-7167NPE while moving file between states with Mover
BUG-23805HIVE-8290Add 'transactional' property to ACID tables in IUD system tests
BUG-23813YARN-2627[YARN-2627]RM log does not have value for "retry-count-window-ms"
BUG-23828HIVE-8280CBO : When filter is applied on dimension table PK/FK code path is not in effect.
BUG-23829HIVE-8263CBO : TPC-DS Q64 is item is joined last with store_sales while it should be first as it is the most selective
BUG-23832HIVE-7985With CBO enabled cross product is generated when a subquery is present
BUG-23833HIVE-7914Simplify join predicates for CBO to avoid cross products
BUG-23835HIVE-8427test_SinkHive tests failing with java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException
BUG-23855HIVE-8332IUD tests are failing because of NPE while running through HS2
BUG-23857YARN-2621[YARN-2621] Simplify the output when the user doesn't have the access for getDomain(s)
BUG-23869HIVE-8615additional double quotes in select * complex datatypes output



[HADOOP-11181][YARN-2656] YARN REST call fails via proxy user in both secure windows and secure linux env's
BUG-23918TEZ-1629[TEZ-1629] ContainerLauncherImpl's event handler thread should check for threadpool's status before submitting a task
BUG-23922HIVE-8290Need to add table property to indicate that a table is transactional
BUG-23923HIVE-8231Unable to read data when inserted into empty table via HS2
BUG-23924HIVE-8311Txn list information being encoded too late
BUG-23956HBASE-12162Hbase HA: LoadTestTool fails immediately after hbase master is killed
BUG-23957HBASE-12367IntegrationTestTimeBoundedMultiGetRequestsWithRegionReplicas calls Linux specific commands
BUG-23962YARN-2629[YARN-2629] Make distributed shell use the domain-based timeline ACLs
BUG-23969YARN-2631BUG-12006 [YARN-2631]DistributedShell lacks support for LRS log collection interval
BUG-23982HIVE-8318Queries hit RuntimeException: cannot find field with constant folding always false




[HADOOP-11207][YARN-2676] Webhcat tests failing with org.apache.hadoop.security.authentication.client.AuthenticationException: GSSException
BUG-24044HIVE-8341valid transaction list causes failure in transform clause (aka streaming aka python udf)
BUG-24065YARN-2701[YARN-2701]HA testing: Tasks failing with error "Can't create directory /grid/0/yarn/local/usercache/hrt_qa/appcache/application_1412158618225_0001 - File exists"
BUG-24071HDFS-7178Additional unit tests for single replica writes in disk full situation
BUG-24078HIVE-8704Hive HBaseStorageHandler tests failed because of "NPE Expected Accumulo table name to be provided in job configuration"
BUG-24132HIVE-8387[Rolling upgrades] Validate Zookeeper retries from WebHCat
BUG-24147HIVE-8557zk delegation token store - use kerberos auth, setup acl, use curator
BUG-24148FALCON-777champlain falcon unit test failures
BUG-24189HDFS-7230HDFS Rolling downgrade - need to figure out how to use HDFS's -downgrade flag
BUG-24210HIVE-8372ORC : Insert into ORC hits Null Pointer exception in MergeFileRecordProcessor.init(MergeFileRecordProcessor.java:107)
BUG-24211HADOOP-10416Hadoop authentication should not switch to anonymous user when a clearly defined user has an expired token
BUG-24243SLIDER-486slider bin internally uses --classpath and causes issues in some jdk (notably suse11.1 Teradata)
BUG-24252PIG-4257Bloom_3, Union_7,8,13, Join_6,7,8 fails with Local Rearrange exception
BUG-24291HIVE-8688HS2 concur test intermittently fails with org.apache.hive.com.esotericsoftware.kryo.KryoException: Buffer underflow.
BUG-24303HIVE-8390CBO: Failures are wrapped in Runtime exception
BUG-24317FALCON-800Falcon lineage is not working
BUG-24319HIVE-8367delete produces records in wrong order in some cases
BUG-24321HIVE-8368compactor writing deletes into base files
BUG-24367FLUME-2530Review Coverity scan for Flume
BUG-24369HBASE-12189Review Coverity scan result for HBase
BUG-24375PIG-4250Review Coverity scan results for Pig
BUG-24379ZOOKEEPER-2064Review Coverity scan results for Zookeeper
BUG-24389FALCON-819Problem with invalid Catalog server while submitting a cluster
BUG-24416HDFS-7237hadoop namenode -rollingUpgrade should print correct Error message
BUG-24439HIVE-8392windows: HiveServer2 Operation.close fails
BUG-24447TEZ-1643[TEZ-1643] DAGAppMaster kills DAG & shuts down, when RM is restarted
BUG-24464HIVE-8408Hcatalog smoke test is failing with NullPointerException when v2 authorization is enabled in cli
BUG-24470HIVE-8403hive build failure on windows due to missing dependency .
BUG-24472HIVE-8402ORC pushing SARGs into delta files resulting in ArrayOutOfBoundsException
BUG-24480HIVE-8427Hive Streaming client throws NPE
BUG-24508HBASE-12277Integration Tests on secure cluster has Error in LoadIncrementalHFiles and Error in running command-line tool
BUG-24515TEZ-1647[TEZ-1647] Issue with caching of events in VertexManager::onRootVertexInitialized
BUG-24551MAPREDUCE-6126[MAPREDUCE-6126] Rumen tool returns error "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: JobBuilder.process(HistoryEvent): unknown event type"
BUG-24553YARN-2668hadoop champlain build failure: registry linking to ZK
BUG-24561AMBARI-7720Sqoop service check fails on HDP2.2
BUG-24570YARN-2651BUG-12006 [YARN-2651]Spin off the LogRollingInterval from LogAggregationContext
BUG-24581SLIDER-497Slider funtest are failing on secure slider cluster due to AM failure
BUG-24629FALCON-789Retention failed during context serialization
BUG-24642SLIDER-500Slider-Accumulo: test_continuous_ingestion fails throwing org.apache.hadoop.registry.client.exceptions.InvalidPathnameException: `/users/hrt_qa/services/org-apache-slider/test-slider-accumulo-continuous-ingest': Invalid Path element "hrt_qa"



IntegrationTestRegionReplicaReplication fails with "Load failed with error code 1"



ChaosMonkey IntegrationTestIngest fails with balancer and multithread reader errors
BUG-24692TEZ-1649Cross_5 hangs for more than 7 hours
BUG-24719HIVE-8367BUG-22878 add system test for BUG-24319
BUG-24721HIVE-8516TestIUD_5 fails because of NPE in tez mode when vectorization is on
BUG-24729HDFS-6934Disable checksum when writing to Memory
BUG-24760YARN-2637Hive queries run into AM resource hangs when running under xasecure
BUG-24869SLIDER-513AgentFailures2IT test is failing
BUG-24919YARN-2689TestSecureRMRegistryOperations failing on windows
BUG-24920AMBARI-7842Ambari to manage tarballs on HDFS
BUG-24922AMBARI-7844Ambari needs to fix client configuration files to point to versioned tarballs after BUG-24920
BUG-24931AMBARI-7898Missing /usr/hdp/current dir when Knox is installed
BUG-24934PIG-4227streamingpythonudfs_12 fails with checksum mismatch
BUG-24936PIG-4227streamingpythonudfs_5 fails with "StreamingUDFException: LINE : Error deserializing output."
BUG-24945KNOX-443Release Notes for Knox->HS2 with new Connect String and Rolling Upgrades
BUG-24958SLIDER-516Make Slider registry call not default to current user.
BUG-24975TEZ-1666UserPayload should be null if the payload is not specified
BUG-24979TEZ-1667Add a system test for InitializerEvents
BUG-24980TEZ-1668InputInitializers should be able to register for Vertex state updates in the constructor itself
BUG-24981SLIDER-520secure slider funtests are failing with exitcode=36
BUG-24991SLIDER-522Storm-slider security throws NPE at create.
BUG-24993TEZ-1083Enable IFile RLE for DefaultSorter
BUG-25020HIVE-6715HiveServer2 user name not being passed in NOSASL authentication setting




[TEZ-1267, TEZ-1689, TEZ-1703] Exception handling when Routing Events
BUG-25069HIVE-8474Vectorization and ACID selects fail if not all columns are selected
BUG-25071TEZ-1083[TEZ-1083] Enable IFile RLE for DefaultSorter
BUG-25072TEZ-1141[TEZ-1141] DAGStatus.Progress should include number of failed attempts
BUG-25073TEZ-1424[TEZ-1424] Fixes to DAG text representation in debug mode
BUG-25074TEZ-1590[TEZ-1590] Fetchers should not report failures after the Processor on the task completes
BUG-25075TEZ-792[TEZ-792] Default staging path should have user name
BUG-25078TEZ-1638[TEZ-1638] Missing type parametrization in UnorderedKVInputConfig?
BUG-25079TEZ-1596[TEZ-1596] Secure Shuffle utils is extremely expensive for fast queries
BUG-25081TEZ-1210[TEZ-1210] TezClientUtils.localizeDagPlanAsText() needs to be fixed for session mode
BUG-25089TEZ-1669yarn-swimlanes.sh throws error
BUG-25093TEZ-1666UserPayload should be null if the payload is not specified
BUG-25095TEZ-1567Avoid blacklisting nodes when the disable blacklisting threshold is about to be hit
BUG-25099HIVE-8588Webhcat sqoop tests fail to find the JDBC classes
BUG-25102HIVE-8543Compaction tests failing due to the state getting stuck at ready for cleaning/working
BUG-25103HIVE-8643Webhcat tests running as other user failing to execute commands
BUG-25112HIVE-8461[HIVE-8461] Vectorized query has different Decimal result (Vector_Aggregate_9)
BUG-25139AMBARI-7953Modify HDP-2.2 stack advisor for the tez config properties
BUG-25141AMBARI-7921Ambari should not inherit any tez configs from the 2.1 stack
BUG-25162HBASE-12485"Online" Sequence number value of a region at the time of opening is unexpected
BUG-25164HIVE-8534update hive configuration whitelist for sql std authorization
BUG-25168HBASE-12052BUG-22192 TestLoadIncrementalHFilesUseSecurityEndPoint fails
BUG-25170HBASE-12278BUG-22192 TestSecureLoadIncrementalHFilesSplitRecovery fails due to TableNotFoundException
BUG-25180FALCON-678Falcon's default port is 15443 if TLS is enabled, 15000 otherwise.
BUG-25181FALCON-678Falcon's default port is 15443 if TLS is enabled, 15000 otherwise.
BUG-25196FLUME-2508Windows: Hive Streaming table has extra carriage feed (CR) in the last column when using Spooling directory source
BUG-25274AMBARI-7959Change Ambari Hive Runtime configs for Champlain
BUG-25283SLIDER-540Slider tests do not respect configs from yarn-site.xml
BUG-25313YARN-2715[YARN-2715] RM get delegation token is broken for proxy users when using hadoop RPC
BUG-25323YARN-2720Windows: Wildcard classpath variables not expanded against resources contained in archives
BUG-25365SLIDER-543champlain CI: slider builds are broken
BUG-25386TEZ-1712Union_9, Rank_10 fails with Vertex killed as other vertex failed.
BUG-25413HIVE-8021ctas/insert into queries + cbo
BUG-25419HIVE-8637Insert into nonbucketedtable select * from bucketedtable does not work
BUG-25420HIVE-8605Hive metastore backward incompatible, should not require property existing changes to run
BUG-25442YARN-2703BUG-12006 [YARN-2703]Add logUploadedTime into LogValue for better display
BUG-25453HIVE-8629test_SinkHive tests failing with org.apache.flume.sink.hive.HiveWriter$ConnectFailure error
BUG-25470YARN-2717BUG-12006 [YARN-2717]containerLogNotFound log shows multiple time for the same container
BUG-25516SLIDER-306Slider cli list sub-command cannot list stopped applications
BUG-25523YARN-2743[YARN-2743] yarn apps failing JA009: Failed to run job : Failed to renew token: Kind: RM_DELEGATION_TOKEN on secure clusters
BUG-25525YARN-2741[YARN-2741] HDP 2.1.3 - Customer getting "No Logs available for Container Container_<number>" when output to non-default disk
BUG-25532ACCUMULO-3249UnorderedWorkAssignerReplicationIT.dataWasReplicatedToThePeerWithoutDrain failed because test timed out
BUG-25546HIVE-8547partition_varchar2 fails with CBO after some recent fix
BUG-25560YARN-2723[YARN-2723] rmadmin -replaceLabelsOnNode does not correctly parse port
BUG-25565HIVE-8597Hive CustomVertexManager should send the same set of splits for the small table in case of SMB joins
BUG-25576YARN-2279[YARN-2279] Add UTs to cover timeline server authentication
BUG-25580HBASE-12319Inconsistencies during region recovery due to close/open of a region during recovery
BUG-25581HIVE-85603rd party SerDes do not get table properties during initialize()
BUG-25585YARN-2726[YARN-2726] CapacityScheduler should explicitly log when an accessible label has no capacity
BUG-25639FALCON-831Operation on non existing entity throws internal server error
BUG-25645AMBARI-7933Knox install with Ambari: Configuration Improvements - 1
BUG-25651SLIDER-557HBase slider deployment fails on secure cluster
BUG-25704AMBARI-7976BUG-25675 Ambari: Add oozie install user as an Oozie admin user
BUG-25722HDFS-7305[HDFS-7305] HDFS HA: Seeing NPE when running slive test
BUG-25732YARN-2734BUG-12006 [YARN-2734] If a sub-folder is encountered by log aggregator it results in invalid aggregated file
BUG-25744MAPREDUCE-6018BUG-17687 [Review][MAPREDUCE-6018] Create a framework specific config to enable timeline server
BUG-25763SLIDER-560Add default secured appConfig.json file to application packages
BUG-25771AMBARI-7994Query in Tez throws RuntimeException due to buildSupportsSnappy
BUG-25781HDFS-7359When in HA mode, dfs.namenode.secondary.http-address is still being loaded and used
BUG-25838YARN-2743[YARN-2743] yarn applications fail with digest mismatch errors on un secure cluster
BUG-25848HBASE-12356phoenix champlain Linux unit-test failures
BUG-25867HBASE-11716IntegrationTestIngestWithVisibilityLabels failed with verification error
BUG-25870HBASE-12485test_ReplicaCopyTable_verifyCopyTable[tableone] fails with org.apache.hadoop.fs.FileAlreadyExistsException in RS log
BUG-25915SLIDER-602Tracking ticket to review and commit RM integration changes for Service Registry
BUG-25924YARN-2770[YARN-2770] Timeline Service delegation tokens need to be renewed by the RM
BUG-25958HBASE-11976ChaosMonkey tests failed to write
BUG-25968YARN-2747[YARN-2747]TestAggregatedLogFormat fails in trunk
BUG-26015HIVE-8562MySQL compaction failures
BUG-26043HBASE-12485test_replicacopytable_verifycopytable test fails with IOException error: 'Failed to create SeqId file' in RS log
BUG-26051HBASE-12377hbase:meta not online for IntegrationTestManyRegions
BUG-26052HIVE-8619CBO: ".0" saga, part 3
BUG-26054AMBARI-8092Create categories of configuration for Hive
BUG-26056HIVE-8631ACID / Streaming : When the txn list gets long, the queries on ACID tables are failing
BUG-26060HIVE-8635CBO: ambiguous_col negative test no longer fails
BUG-26062ZOOKEEPER-1897Zookeeper 3.4.6 does not execute via command line
BUG-26064FALCON-839Falcon ACL validation is not working
BUG-26093SLIDER-613'AppsThroughAgentIT-testCreateFlex' Failed on cluster with encryption on
BUG-26098TEZ-1713Tez complains about path not being fully qualified if the schema is not specified
BUG-26106FALCON-840SOURCECLUSTER field in -filterBy parameter doesn't work for /api/instance/list
BUG-26121HADOOP-11068oozie webconsole broken in secure clusters
BUG-26156AMBARI-8109Fix Tez configuration section on Ambari UI
BUG-26185MAPREDUCE-6142BUG-17687 [MAPREDUCE-6142] Test failure in TestJobHistoryEventHandler and TestMRTimelineEventHandling
BUG-26186TEZ-1698Use ResourceCalculatorPlugin instead of ResourceCalculatorProcessTree in Tez
BUG-26188SLIDER-581Windows: resolvecommandit test failed with wrong error code 0 not 44
BUG-26189SLIDER-581Windows: UnknownClusterOperationsIT test exit code - 0 not 69
BUG-26190SLIDER-581Windows: AgentClusterLifecycleIT test failed with error code 0, expected 73
BUG-26224AMBARI-8028After adding hdp.version in yarn-site.xml Distributed Shell is failing
BUG-26227OOZIE-2051Easier use of Oozie + Tez jobs with hdp.version
BUG-26239YARN-2769[YARN-2769] Timeline Acls test failing on windows
BUG-26242HBASE-12398Race condition in region opening
BUG-26251YARN-2788[YARN-2788] YARN champlain JobHistoryServer cannot read logs written by 2.4.0 builds



[HIVE-8656] CBO: auto_join_filters fails
BUG-26280HIVE-8660hive.exec.dynamic.partition.mode property should be included in the default list for hive.security.authorization.sqlstd.confwhitelist
BUG-26301SLIDER-534Slider-HA: CommandEnvironmentIT gets Error
BUG-26331HIVE-8646Oozie Hive action fails with NoClassDefFound for FieldSchema class
BUG-26365SLIDER-588AppsThroughAgentIT test failed with 'Application registry is not accessible'
BUG-26367FALCON-862/list/entities with tag also return entities without tags
BUG-26386YARN-2779[YARN-2779] SystemMetricsPublisher can use Kerberos directly instead of timeline DT
BUG-26394FALCON-880hive job via oozie failed read timeouts to the metastore
BUG-26402AMBARI-8119Knox Ambari Integration : Knox user/group not listed in Service accounts page
BUG-26423YARN-1964[Docker] Review and commit docker patch from YARN-1964
BUG-26432HBASE-12402test_hbaseLoadTestTool gets stuck complaining about AccessDeniedException
BUG-26435AMBARI-8070Ambari is exporting values in hbase-env.sh twice
BUG-26443HIVE-8685WebHCat DDL commands in non-secure mode failing
BUG-26469SLIDER-598Slider-Hbase creation on Windows fails due to JsonParse Exception
BUG-26507SLIDER-596Slider should automatically replace ${USER_NAME} token from config
BUG-26526YARN-2795[YARN-2795] Resource Manager fails startup with HDFS label storage and secure cluster
BUG-26552YARN-1922Child processes aren't killed when container process is killed
BUG-26573TEZ-1731Checksum Errors when running queries in Tez
BUG-26578FALCON-858In falcon listing processes with custom filter fails
BUG-26590FALCON-859falcon entities/summary/feed/ endpoint gives internal server error
BUG-26592HBASE-12449Multiple tests are failing because of System time goes back frequently on SLES
BUG-26594FALCON-857In falcon fetching status of deleted feed throws internal server error
BUG-26595FALCON-851In falcon - process with bad acl can be submitted
BUG-26604YARN-2786System tests are disabled for Node Labels
BUG-26608SLIDER-593[SLIDER-593] Slider registry client returns IOException returned a response status of 302 Found.
BUG-26646SLIDER-603AppsThroughAgentIT fails with NPE
BUG-26658YARN-2798[YARN-2798] Oozie jobs failing on secure cluster wtih timeline server DT issues
BUG-26662PIG-4257Rank_*, Union_4,5, Order_18, 20 fails with Can't get Master Kerberos principal for use as renewer
BUG-26666YARN-2804[YARN-2804] Timeline server out log explodes with tons of repeated exceptions
BUG-26688SLIDER-605slider list command does not return application in the order of most recent first
BUG-26707SLIDER-606[SLIDER-606] quicklinks dont return any data for slider apps
BUG-26747HIVE-8711TxnHandler not catch deadlocks on Postgres, Oracle, and SQLServer
BUG-26792HIVE-8740update query failed due to IndexOutOfBoundException with hive.optimize.sort.dynamic.partition on
BUG-26795MAPREDUCE-6149[MAPREDUCE-6149] Documentation our new configuration to log4j.property in mapred-site.xml
BUG-26796HDFS-7340[HDFS-7340] rollingUpgrade prepare command does not have retry cache support
BUG-26803HIVE-8719CLONE - load data or insert into partition changes partition location previously defined.
BUG-26809HDFS-7359In HA mode, if dfs.namenode.secondary.http-address has value "null" it prevents namenode to start properly and generates mixmatch txid
BUG-26831YARN-2805[YARN-2805] RM failed to startup because of 'Failed to login' exception
BUG-26869KNOX-468Knox config for Group Look up to be optimized
BUG-26885HIVE-8772zookeeper info logs are always printed from beeline
BUG-26892YARN-2812BUG-22334 [YARN-2812] Unit test failures in TestApplicationHistoryServer in Champlain builds
BUG-26910HIVE-8754Test_Sqoop failing in secure cluster
BUG-26912YARN-2632[YARN-2632] Document NodeManager Restart Feature
BUG-26926HIVE-8732ORC string statistics are not merged correctly
BUG-26963HDFS-7364HDFS Rebalance Always Shows 0 Bytes Moved
BUG-26992HIVE-8745Joins on decimal keys return different results whether they are run as reduce join or map join
BUG-27014YARN-2813[YARN-2813] NPE from MemoryTimelineStore.getDomains
BUG-27030AMBARI-8195Slider App View is not replacing JAVA_HOME
BUG-27084YARN-2818[YARN-2818] Remove the logic to inject entity owner as the primary filter
BUG-27095SLIDER-621slider AgentClusterLifecycleIT test case timing out after 10 minutes
BUG-27128SLIDER-624Couple of slider-hbase tests failed due to delayed application launch
BUG-27130HIVE-8785HiveServer2 LogDivertAppender should be more selective for beeline getLogs
BUG-27141HIVE-8875concurrent_delete_dynamic acid concurrency test failed on a cluster with postgres metastore
BUG-27182YARN-2846[YARN-2846] Work Preserving NM Restart - Restarting NMs causes app attempt failure
BUG-27233TEZ-1750Possible Out of Order scheduling can end up slowing down queries
BUG-27254FALCON-875Unexpected behaviour with entity summary endpoint
BUG-27261FALCON-874In falcon instance/list endpoint orderBy=STATUS is case-sensitive
BUG-27281HDFS-7387NFS: File gets downloaded partially
BUG-27287PIG-4314Ambari Pig test hangs and make no progress
BUG-27312HIVE-8797MoveTaskError while running concurrent_insert_values_dynamic_partitioned.q test on a cluster with postgres as metastore
BUG-27315HIVE-8798ORACLE: acid_concurrency test failure due to "ORA-08177: can't serialize access for this transaction" error
BUG-27321SLIDER-630Linux UT failures on CentOS5, Debian, and Suse11
BUG-27326HDFS-7383NullPointerException in DataNode.requestShortCircuitFdsForRead
BUG-27327HDFS-7382NullPointerException in SaslDataTransferServer.receive
BUG-27356HIVE-8880TestIUD_3 failed because it didn't insert one record
BUG-27359YARN-2834[YARN-2834] RM crashed with NPE
BUG-27363HADOOP-11286Pull HADOOP-11286 into Champlain
BUG-27368AMBARI-8240Quicklinks from Ambari slider app dont return data
BUG-27396YARN-2830Cherry-pick YARN-2830 in Champlain
BUG-27427HIVE-7943hive.security.authorization.createtable.owner.grants is ineffective with Default Authorization
BUG-27433HIVE-8830HCatalog E2E testruns get stuck
BUG-27442YARN-2841[YARN-2841]RMProxy should retry EOFException
BUG-27476HIVE-8797concurrent_insert_values_dynamic_partitioned and concurrent_insert_values_partitioned failed due to movetask error on windows
BUG-27494YARN-2843[YARN-2843] NodeLabels manager should trim all inputs for hosts and labels
BUG-27495FALCON-889Windows azure replication fails with we can't create it using anoynomous credentials
BUG-27526YARN-2853[YARN-2853] One of our system test running Tez are hung, looks like RM is hung
BUG-27546HIVE-8812Fix TestMinimrCliDriver.testCliDriver_auto_sortmerge_join_16 on Windows
BUG-27591MAPREDUCE-6156[MAPREDUCE-6156] Fetcher - connect() doesn't handle connection refused correctly
BUG-27626SLIDER-646AgentLaunchFailureIT test failed with error code 68



[HADOOP-11217] [HDFS-7391] Pull in SSLv2Hello fixes into Champlain
BUG-27686ARGUS-182Date format in Audit log is incorrect
BUG-27740SLIDER-647allocation requests not being satisfied when a cluster goes to labels
BUG-27784YARN-2879[YARN-2879] Verify downlevel client compatibility behavior
BUG-27844HBASE-12478HBASE-12478 HBASE-10141 and MIN_VERSIONS are not compatible
BUG-27911HIVE-8901Hive queries failing with avax.jdo.JDODataStoreException: Could not retrieve transation read-only status server
BUG-28027FALCON-902Documentation of falcon parameters



HDFS-172: uploading file larger than the spaceQuota limit results in a partial file.



dfsadmin commands should interact with the active namenode in ha setup
BUG-9137YARN-796Make nodes in a Yarn cluster be identifiable by its label
RMP-1250KNOX-88Knox to provide full support for HDFS HA
RMP-1370HIVE-538Produce a single JDBC connector JAR to HiveServer2
RMP-1473AMBARI-6857Storm kerberos security support
RMP-1480HADOOP-9640RPC Congestion Control with FairCallQueue
RMP-1498HADOOP-10345Sanitize the the inputs (groups and hosts) for the proxyuser configuration
RMP-1570FLUME-2442RMP-1511 encrypt ssl truststore / keystore passwords within flume config file
RMP-1577HBASE-11344RMP-1507 HBase to adhere to security checklist
RMP-1627HBASE-11580RMP-1507 HBase HA: Proper recovery from failed secondary









RMP-1507 HBase HA: Support < 5s staleness reading from secondaries
RMP-1631HBASE-11331RMP-1507 Block cache compression
RMP-1632HBASE-10641RMP-1507 Bucket cache improvements



Enhancements to tagging capabilities
RMP-1796HADOOP-8943Hadoop should support groups in a composite from both Linux and LDAP
RMP-1828SQOOP-1322RMP-1509 Support multiple partition keys in Sqoop HCat integration
RMP-1876SQOOP-1322RMP-1509 Support all Hive types when importing via HCatalog
RMP-1881OOZIE-1769RMP-1510 Allow updating job properties on existing workflow and coordinator jobs.
RMP-1882OOZIE-1492RMP-1510 Oozie HA needs to work with HCatalog and SLA notifications



RMP-1508 Package and certify Apache DataFu Pig
RMP-1886HIVE-7068RMP-1512 Hive / Accumulo Connector
RMP-1894PHOENIX-1069RMP-1507 Build secondary indexes during Phoenix bulk import



RMP-1507 Allow Hive queries over snapshotted HBase tables
RMP-1930OOZIE-1532RMP-1510 Purging should remove completed children job for long running jobs
RMP-1965HIVE-7158More intelligent reducer allocation
RMP-1966HIVE-7159Filter nulls early in equi-joins





Changes in Hive needed to support XA Secure integration
RMP-1981PIG-4102RMP-1508 Pig should support ORC predicate pushdown
RMP-1998TEZ-15RMP-1988 AM Recovery Umbrella
RMP-2038OOZIE-1865RMP-1510 Oozie HA support in Secure Clusters
RMP-2066SLIDER-86Slider on all Windows platforms supported by HDP
RMP-2068SLIDER-89Slider on Kerberos-enabled Cluster
RMP-2085SLIDER-214Usability improvements to Slider
RMP-2113SLIDER-181Requirements to run "Storm on YARN" via Slider
RMP-2114SLIDER-182Requirements to run "Accumulo on YARN" via Slider
RMP-2115SLIDER-180Requirements to run "HBase on YARN" via Slider
RMP-2116YARN-913Add a registry for services in a YARN cluster
RMP-2117SLIDER-183Long lived service support in Slider
RMP-2118SLIDER-69Failure resiliency
RMP-2260YARN-2257(2.1) - [YARN-2411] Support Capacity Scheduler server side mapping of user to a default queue