8.2. Falcon Known Issues

  • BUG-26944: E0803: IO error, null during scheduling feed on a cluster with wire encryption on.

    Problem: Falcon has difficulty writing to target clusters with wire encryption on. The ssl-client on the CP must be valid for doing SSL negotiation with the target cluster.

    Workaround: Have Falcon write to target clusters with wire encryption disabled.

  • BUG-25179: Falcon's default port is 15443 if TLS is enabled, 15000 otherwise.

    Problem: Falcon server is on port 15443 or 15000 based on setting for TLS. In Falcon startup.properties:

    • If falcon.enableTLS is set to true explicitly or not set at all, falcon starts at port 15443 on https:// by default.

    • If falcon.enableTLS is set to false, falcon starts at port 15000 on http://.

    Workaround: To change the port, use -port option. If falcon.enableTLS is not set explicitly but port is set explicitly, port that ends with 443 will automatically put falcon on https://. Any other port will put falcon on http://.

  • BUG-25179: You must add your own keystore to /etc/falcon/conf/ directory as prism.keystore, when falcon.enableTLS is set to true.

  • BUG-28055: Ambari currently configures the config store to local fs in "*.config.store.uri" (startup properties) and "Falcon store URI" (falcon server).


    It is best to write to HDFS. In Ambari, modify your Falcon config to store to HDFS.

    Manage the Falcon service > Select Config > in Falcon Store URI, specify a link to HDFS. For example: