HDP-2.4.0 Release Notes
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HDP 2.4.0 provides the following Apache patches:

  • HADOOP-10406: TestIPC.testIpcWithReaderQueuing may fail.

  • HADOOP-12551: Introduce FileNotFoundException for WASB FileSystem API.

  • HADOOP-12608: Fix exception message in WASB when connecting with anonymous credential.

  • HADOOP-12678: Handle empty rename pending metadata file during atomic rename in redo path.

  • HDFS-8729: Fix TestFileTruncate#testTruncateWithDataNodesRestartImmediately which occasionally failed.

  • HDFS-9358: TestNodeCount#testNodeCount timed out.

  • HDFS-9406: FSImage may get corrupted after deleting snapshot.

  • HDFS-9672: o.a.h.hdfs.TestLeaseRecovery2 fails intermittently.

  • MAPREDUCE-6566: Add retry support to mapreduce CLI tool.

  • MAPREDUCE-6618: YarnClientProtocolProvider leaking the YarnClient thread.

  • MAPREDUCE-6621: Memory Link in JobClient#submitJobInternal().

  • YARN-3480: Remove attempts that are beyond max-attempt limit from state store.

  • YARN-4309: Add container launch related debug information to container logs when a container fails.

  • YARN-4497: RM might fail to restart when recovering apps whose attempts are missing.

  • YARN-4565: Sometimes when sizeBasedWeight FairOrderingPolicy is enabled, under stress appears that cluster is virtually in deadlock.

  • YARN-4584: RM startup failure when AM attempts greater than max-attempts.

  • YARN-4625: ApplicationSubmissionContext and ApplicationSubmissionContextInfo more consistent.