HDP-2.4.0 Release Notes
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HDP 2.4.0 provides Ranger 0.5.0 and the following Apache patches:

  • RANGER-173: Utility scripts to create HDFS audit folders and policies.

  • RANGER-725: Add the right .gitignore file to the newly added projects so that directory listing is clean after a build.

  • RANGER-767: Refactor UserGroupSink implementation and consolidate performance improvements.

  • RANGER-772: Hive plugin Update Ranger authorizer to mimic changes made by Hive standard authorizer for the case when IMPORT can end up creating a table.

  • RANGER-773: Fix newly found Coverity scan issues for Ranger KMS.

  • RANGER-778: Fix user update issue.

  • RANGER-809: Audit framework need to cache the getHostName() values to reuse for successive calls.