HDP-2.4.0 Release Notes
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HDP 2.4.0 provides HBase 1.1.2 and the following Apache patches:

  • HBASE-14107: Administrative Task: Provide an API to List all procedures.

  • HBASE-14108: Administrative Task: provide an API to abort a procedure.

  • HBASE-14432: Enforce ACL on procedure admin tasks.

  • HBASE-14468: Compaction improvements: FIFO compaction policy.

  • HBASE-14471: Thrift - HTTP Error 413 full HEAD if using kerberos authentication.

  • HBASE-14487: Shell command to list all procedures.

  • HBASE-14488: Shell command to abort a procedure.

  • HBASE-14575: Relax region read lock for compactions.

  • HBASE-14761: Deletes with and without visibility expression do not delete the matching mutation.

  • HBASE-14866: VerifyReplication should use peer configuration in peer connection.

  • HBASE-14928: Start row should be set for query through HBase REST gateway involving globbing option.

  • HBASE-14963: Remove Guava dependency from HBase client code.

  • HBASE-14987: Compaction marker whose region name doesn't match current region's needs to be handled.

  • HBASE-15014: Fix filterCellByStore in WALsplitter is awful for performance.

  • HBASE-15022: replication_admin.rb throws undefined method 'getZooKeeperClusterKey' for ZKUtil.

  • HBASE-15035: bulkloading hfiles with tags that require splits do not preserve tags.