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Enabling the Atlas Taxonomy Technical Preview

Because the Atlas Taxonomy feature is a Technical Preview, it is not enabled by default and does not appear on the Atlas web UI. Use the following steps to enable the Atlas Taxonomy feature.

  1. Select Atlas > Configs > Advanced > Custom application-properties, then click Add Property.

  2. On the Add Property pop-up, add the following properties:

    • Keyatlas.feature.taxonomy.enable

    • Valuetrue

    Click Add to add the new property.

  3. The Advanced tab is redisplayed with the new property. Click Save to save the new configuration.

  4. A Save Configuration pop-up appears. Type in a note describing the changes you just made, then click Save.

  5. If a Consistency Check Failed pop-up appears, click Proceed Anyway.

  6. Click OK on the Save Configuration Changes pop-up.

  7. Select Restart > Restart All Affected to restart the Atlas service and load the new configuration.

  8. Click Confirm Restart All on the confirmation pop-up to confirm the Atlas restart.

  9. After Atlas restarts, the Taxonomy feature is enabled. Other components may also require a restart. To access the Atlas web UI, select Atlas > Quick Links > Atlas Dashboard.