YARN Resource Management
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Chapter 6. Running Applications on YARN Using Slider

Apache Slider lets you deploy distributed applications across a Hadoop cluster. Slider leverages the YARN ResourceManager to allocate and distribute components of an application across a cluster.

Key Slider features:

  • Run applications on YARN without changing the application code (as long as the application follows Slider developer guidelines). There is no need to develop a custom Application Master or other YARN code.

  • Use the application registry for publishing and discovery of dynamic metadata.

  • Run multiple instances of applications with different configurations or versions in one Hadoop cluster.

  • Expand or shrink application component instances while an application is running.

  • Transparently deploy applications in secure Kerberos clusters.

  • Aggregate application logs from different containers.

  • Run applications on a subset of cluster nodes using YARN node labels.

  • Manage application, component, and container failures.

Slider leverages YARN capabilities to manage:

  • Application recovery in cases of container failure

  • Resource allocation (adding and removing containers)