Apache Spark Component Guide
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Configuring the Livy Server

On a cluster managed by Ambari, to configure the optional Livy service, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Spark > Configs, Custom livy-conf category.

  2. Add livy.superusers as a property, and set it to the Zeppelin service account.

For a cluster not managed by Ambari, see "Installing and Configuring Livy" in the Spark or Spark 2 chapter of the Command Line Installation Guide, depending on the version of Spark installed on your cluster.

Configuring SSL for the Livy Server

To enable SSL for Livy, configure the following parameters for the SSL certificate and key, the keystore password, and the key password, respectively:

livy.keystore.password = <storePassword>
livy.key-password = <KeyPassword>

For background information about configuring SSL for Spark or Spark2, see Configuring Spark for Wire Encryption.

Configuring High Availability for the Livy Server

By default, if the Livy server fails, all connected Spark clusters are terminated. This means that all jobs and data will disappear immediately.

For deployments that require high availability, Livy supports session recovery, which ensures that a Spark cluster remains available if the Livy server fails. After a restart, the Livy server can connect to existing sessions and roll back to the state before failing.

Livy uses several property settings for recovery behavior related to high availability. If your cluster is managed by Ambari, Ambari manages these settings. If your cluster is not managed by Ambari, or for a list of recovery properties, see instructions for enabling Livy recovery in the Spark or Spark2 chapter of the Command Line Installation Guide.