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Protecting the Azure Credentials for ADLS with Credential Providers

All ADLS credential properties can be protected by credential providers.

To provision the credentials:

hadoop credential create -value 123
    -provider localjceks://file/home/foo/adls.jceks
hadoop credential create fs.adl.oauth2.refresh.token -value 123
    -provider localjceks://file/home/foo/adls.jceks

Next, configure the following configuration properties, either on the command line or in the core-site.xml configuration file:


The should indicate the path to interrogate for protected credentials.

You may optionally add the provider path property to the distcp command line instead of adding a job-specific configuration to a generic core-site.xml. The options enclosed in square brackets illustrate this capability.

hadoop distcp
    [-D fs.adl.oauth2.access.token.provider.type=RefreshToken
    hdfs://<NameNode Hostname>:9001/user/foo/srcDir
    adl://<Account Name>

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