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Configuring Authorization Support in WASB

To enable authorization support in WASB, set the following property in core-site.xml:


The current implementation of authorization relies on the presence of an external service that can enforce the authorization. The service is expected to be running on a URL provided by the following configuration, which should also be set in core-site.xml:


The remote service is expected to provide support for the following REST call: {URL}/CHECK_AUTHORIZATION

An example request: {URL}/CHECK_AUTHORIZATION?wasb_absolute_path=<absolute_path>&operation_type=<operation type>&delegation_token=<delegation token>

The service is expected to return a response in JSON format:

  "responseCode" : 0 or non-zero <int>,
  "responseMessage" : relevant message on failure <String>,
  "authorizationResult" : true/false <boolean>