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AMS Service Ports

The following table lists the default ports used by AMS.

Table 1.2. AMS Service Ports
Service Servers Default Ports Used Protocol Description Need End User Access? Configuration Parameters
AMS HBase ams-hbase-site 61310 HTTP AMS HBase Master Web UI port
AMS HBase ams-hbase-site 61330 HTTP AMS HBase Regionserver Web UI port
AMS HBase ams-hbase-site 61300 TCP The port the HBase Master should bind to hbase.master.port
AMS HBase ams-hbase-site 61320 TCP The port the HBase RegionServer binds to hbase.regionserver.port
AMS Metrics Collector ams-site HTTP The address of the metrics service web application timeline.metrics.service.webapp.address
AMS Metrics Collector ams-site 61888 IPC Port for the Apache Ignite cache used for in-memory aggregation