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Spark Service Ports

The following table lists the default ports used by Spark.

Table 1.19. Ranger Service Ports
Service Servers Default Ports Used Protocol Description Need End User Access? Configuration Parameters
Spark history server SHS HTTP server 18080-18081 HTTP The port to which the web interface of the history server binds Yes - For accessing SHS UI spark.history.ui.port
Spark Web UI Node where spark application is triggered 4040 (4041, ..., if more applications are running) HTTP Port used by spark web UI Yes - For accessing web UI spark.ui.port
Livy Server Livy server node 8998-8999 HTTP Port on which livy server is running Used by applications which wants to trigger Spark jobs using Livy livy.server.port
Hive thrift server Hive thrift http server node 10002 HTTP Port number of hive server2 thrift interface when ‘hive.server2.transport.mode’ is ‘HTTP’ Yes - Used for running Spark SQL via thrift interface hive.server2.thrift.http.port
Hive thrift server Hive thrift TCP server node 10015-10016 TCP TCP port number to listen on Yes - Used for running Spark SQL via thrift interface hive.server2.thrift.port