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Downloading and Installing the HBase Application Package

To install the HBase Application Package:

  1. Make a working directory for the HBase-on-Slider application package:

    mkdir -p /usr/work/app-packages/hbase
  2. Download the HBase-on-Slider application package for your operating system to the /usr/work/app-packages/hbase directory. For example, use the following command to download the centos6 version:

    cd /usr/work/app-packages/hbase
    wget http://public-repo-1.hortonworks.com/HDP/centos6/2.x/updates/

    For a complete list of available operating system application packages, see The Slider Application Package.

  3. Use the following command format to install the application package on YARN:

    su <user>
    /usr/hdp/current/slider-client/bin/slider install-package --name HBASE --package <package path>

    Where <user> is the user who will create the HBase application instance.

    For example, if you downloaded the HBase package to the /usr/work/app-packages/hbase folder:

    su <user>
    /usr/hdp/current/slider-client/bin/slider install-package --name HBASE --package /usr/work/app-packages/hbase/

    Note that the --name (in this case, "HBASE") should match the value of the <name> element in the package metainfo.xml flle, and that the install destination in HDFS is in the user's home directory under ./slider/package/HBASE/*.zip