YARN Resource Management
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Configuring HBase on YARN via Slider

Accessing the HBase Configuration Files

The HBase application package includes default application and resource specification files. The package includes both non-secure (appConfig-default.json) and secure (appConfig-secured-default.json) versions of the application specification. You can save these files as another name, and then edit the files to customize the HBase configuration.

You can use the unzip command to extract the HBase application and resource specification files from the HBase-on-Slider application package. For example, you would use the following command to extract the files from the HBase application package in the /usr/work/app-packages/hbase directory:

unzip /usr/work/app-packages/hbase/slider-app-packages/hbase/ appConfig-default.json -d /usr/work/app-packages/hbase/
unzip /usr/work/app-packages/hbase/slider-app-packages/hbase/ resources-default.json -d /usr/work/app-packages/hbase/

You can use the following commands to copy and rename the default HBase application and resource specification files in the /usr/work/app-packages/hbase/ directory:

cp /usr/work/app-packages/hbase/appConfig-default.json /usr/work/app-packages/hbase/appConfig.json
cp /usr/work/app-packages/hbase/resources-default.json /usr/work/app-packages/hbase/resources.json

The default configuration files should work as-is, but you can also edit the files to adjust the HBase configuration.