YARN Resource Management
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The Application Registry

Each application publishes several artifacts that can be used by an application administrator or an application client. Typical data published includes the applied configuration, links to application JMX endpoint or monitoring UI, and log folders.

All published data is available at the publisher endpoint that is hosted by Application Master launched by Slider. Here is an example of the publisher endpoint:


From this endpoint, you can access several named property containing useful administrative information.

Publisher URI



Named URLs that the application publishes.


Log folders for the application components (YARN should be configured to retain logs).


Applied configurations by the application (for example, hbase-site).

Example output from /slider/quicklinks:

   "description": "QuickLinks",
   "entries": {
   "org.apache.slider.jmx": "http://c6401.ambari.apache.org:50154/api/cluster
   "org.apache.slider.metrics": "http://c6401.ambari.apache.org/cgi-bin/rrd.
   "org.apache.slider.monitor": "http://c6401.ambari.apache.org:41806",
   "org.apache.slider.ganglia": "http://c6401.ambari.apache.org/ganglia?c=
   "updated": 0,
   "empty": false