Accessing Cloud Data
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Unsupported Filesystem Operations

The cloud object stores do not offer support the complete set of of hadoop fs commands. In particular, the commands to create, delete and rename snapshots are all unsupported; the -appendToFile and -truncate likewise unavailable: the objects are immutable, once written.

Unless the filesystem supports permissions and acls as HDFS, some or all of the permissions operations will be unsupported: -chgrp, -chmod, -chown, -getfacl, -getfattr, -setfacl, and -setfattr.

the -setrep command is usually ignored, while the -df command returns a spurious value (8 Exabytes)

bin/hadoop fs -df adl://
Filesystem Size Used Available Use%
adl:// 9223372036854775807 0 9223372036854775807 0%