Configuring Proxy with Apache Knox
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Advanced LDAP Configuration Parameters

Description and sample of the available advanced bind and search configuration parameters.

Parameter Description Default Sample
principalRegex Parses the principal for insertion into templates via regex. (.*) (.*?)\\(.*) (e.g. match US\tom: {0}=US\tom, {1}=US, {2}=tom)
userDnTemplate Direct user bind DN template. {0} cn={2},dc={1},dc=qa,dc=company,dc=com
userSearchBase Search based template. Used with config below. none dc={1},dc=qa,dc=company,dc=com
userSearchAttributeName Attribute name for simplified search filter. none sAMAccountName
userSearchAttributeTemplate Attribute template for simplified search filter. {0} {2}
userSearchFilter Advanced search filter template. Note & is & in XML. none (&(objectclass=person)(sAMAccountName={2}))
userSearchScope Search scope: subtree, onelevel, object. subtree onelevel