Configuring Proxy with Apache Knox
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Enable WebSockets

How to enable WebSockets, when configuring the Knox Gateway. Enabling WebSockets for Knox allows you to proxy applications that use WebSocket connections (e.g., Zeppelin.)

WebSocket is a communication protocol that allows full duplex communication over single TCP connection. Knox provides out-of-the-box support for WebSocket protocol, but currently, only text-based messages are supported.

By default, WebSocket functionality is disabled. WebSocket functionality must be enabled for Zeppelin UI (<role>ZEPPELINUI</role>) service definition to work.

  1. In /conf/gateway-site.xml, change gateway.websocket.feature.enabled to true:
          <description>Enable/Disable websocket feature.</description>
  2. In /conf/{topology}.xml, change the topology rule:
  3. Restart the gateway:
    cd $gateway bin/ stop bin/ start