Configuring Proxy with Apache Knox
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Configuring an Authentication Provider

An overview of authentication providers, to help you choose the right one for your environment.

There are two types of providers supported in Knox for establishing a user’s identity:
  • Authentication Providers

  • Federation Providers

Authentication providers directly accept a user’s credentials and validates them against some particular user store. Federation providers, on the other hand, validate a token that has been issued for the user by a trusted Identity Provider (IdP).

Authentication Providers

Providers have a name-value based configuration. There are different authentication providers:
  • Anonymous

    Used by Knox to let the proxied service or UI do its own authentication.

  • LDAP

    For LDAP/AD authentication with username and password. No SPNEGO/Kerberos support.


    For SPNEGO/Kerberos authentication with delegation tokens. No LDAP/AD support.

  • PAM

    For PAM authentication with username and password, via ShiroProvider.

Federation Providers

There are different federation providers:
  • HeaderPreAuth

  • SSOCookieProvider

  • JWT

  • Pac4j