HDP 3.1.5 Release Notes
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Upgrading to HDP 3.1.5

You must use Ambari to either do a major (HDP 2.6.x to HDP 3.1.5) or a minor (HDP 3.0.x to HDP 3.1.5) upgrade.

Starting with the HDP 3.1.5 release, access to HDP repositories requires authentication. To access the binaries, you must first have the required authentication credentials (username and password).

Authentication credentials for new customers and partners are provided in an email sent from Cloudera to registered support contacts. Existing users can file a non-technical case within the support portal (https://my.cloudera.com) to obtain credentials. Previously, HDP repositories were located on AWS S3.

As of HDP 3.1.5/Ambari 2.7.5, repositories have been moved to https://archive.cloudera.com. When you obtain your authentication credentials, use them to form the URL where you can access the HDP repository. For more information, see​ Accessing HDP Repositories.

If you already have HDP 2.6.x or HDP 3.0.x installed, upgrading your cluster to HDP 3.1.x means:

  • Keeping the same configuration files you used for HDP 2.6.x or HDP 3.0.x.
  • Keeping the same data and metadata in the same location you used for HDP 2.6.x or HDP 3.0.x.
  • Installing any new components (added for the first time in HDP 2.6.x or HDP 3.0.x) side-by-side with existing components.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you know whether you want to do a major or a minor upgrade.
  • Ensure that you know which HDP components you need to upgrade at your installation.
  • Read the Prepare to Upgrade section in the Ambari Upgrade Guide.
  • See the Ambari Upgrade Guide for upgrade information and instructions.