HDP 3.1.5 Release Notes
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Fixed Issues

Fixed issues represents selected issues that were previously logged via Cloudera Support, but are now addressed in the current release. These issues may have been reported in previous versions within the Known Issues section; meaning they were reported by customers or identified by Cloudera Quality Engineering team.


Bug ID Apache Jira Apache Component Summary
BUG-120118 CALCITE-2929 Calcite Simplification of IS NULL checks are incorrectly assuming that CAST-s are possible
BUG-121707 HDFS-14499 HDFS Misleading REM_QUOTA value with snapshot and trash feature enabled for a directory
BUG-122333 HIVE-22476 Hive Hive datediff function provided inconsistent results when hive.fetch.task.conversion is set to none
BUG-122230 HIVE-22331 Hive unix_timestamp without argument returns timestamp in millisecond instead of second.
BUG-122127 HIVE-22360 Hive MultiDelimitSerDe returns wrong results in last column when the loaded file has more columns than those in table schema
BUG-122078 HIVE-21924 Hive Split text files even if header/footer exists
BUG-121958 HIVE-21915 Hive Hive with TEZ UNION ALL and UDTF results in data loss
BUG-121917 HIVE-22170 Hive from_unixtime and unix_timestamp should use user session time zone
BUG-121761 HIVE-22107 Hive Correlated subquery producing wrong schema
BUG-121748 HIVE-22099 Hive Several date related UDFs can't handle Julian dates properly since HIVE-20007
BUG-121669 HIVE-22121 Hive Turning on hive.tez.bucket.pruning produce wrong results
BUG-121634 HIVE-22120 Hive Fix wrong results/ArrayOutOfBound exception in left outer map joins on specific boundary conditions
BUG-121905 N/A HWC HWC: Sharing a parent dataframe for more than one queries causes problems in Spark v2.3.x - No need to OR filters
BUG-122387 ZEPPELIN-3701 Zeppelin Missing first several '0' and losing digital accuracy in result table


Bug ID Apache JIRA Apache Component Summary
BUG-122279 HADOOP-16640 Hadoop Common WASB: Override getCanonicalServiceName() to return full url of WASB filesystem
BUG-122067 N/A HBase Add hadoop-aws dependency in ams-hbase
BUG-122066 N/A HBase Build hbase shaded jar for AWS dependencies
BUG-122521 HIVE-22948 Hive Schematool MergeCatalog
BUG-122494 N/A Hive Spark shouldn't write into hive bucketed tables
BUG-122492 N/A Hive HMS should return true metadata to client without bucketing capability
BUG-122368 HIVE-22429 Hive Migrated clustered tables using bucketing_version 1 on hive 3 uses bucketing_version 2 for inserts
BUG-121519 HIVE-22009 Hive CTLV with user specified location is not honoured
BUG-122308 N/A Knox Knox Proxy related changes
BUG-122275 RANGER-2538 Ranger Ranger policy import calls via knox trusted proxy failing
BUG-122206 RANGER-2531RANGER-2552 Ranger Removing a user from a group is not reflected properly in unix based sync.
BUG-122189 RANGER-2597 Ranger Allow auditor role user to get details of services and policies from public API
BUG-121945 RANGER-2507RANGER-2517RANGER-2526RANGER-2569RANGER-2574 Ranger Support Deny-All-Else Capability
BUG-121921 RANGER-2528RANGER-2580 Ranger Import / Export API improvements
BUG-122493 N/A Spark Spark client won't send in bucketing capability to HMS


Bug ID Apache JIRA Apache Component Summary
BUG-122153 HADOOP-16548 Hadoop Common ABFS: Config to enable/disable flush operation
BUG-122152 HADOOP-16404 Hadoop Common ABFS default blocksize change(256MB from 512MB)
BUG-122030 HDFS-14171HDFS-14366HDFS-14632HDFS-14859 HDFS Improvement on namenode startup
BUG-121849 HIVE-19661HIVE-21171HIVE-21182HIVE-22106HIVE-22115HIVE-22161HIVE-22168HIVE-22169HIVE-22204 Hive Query performance fixes
BUG-121846 HIVE-22221 Hive Llap external client - Need to reduce LlapBaseInputFormat#getSplits() footprint
BUG-121837 HIVE-21177 Hive Optimize AcidUtils.getLogicalLength()
BUG-121177 HIVE-20113 Hive Shuffle avoidance: Disable 1-1 edges for sorted shuffle
BUG-115077 HIVE-20932 Hive Vectorize Druid Storage Handler Reader
BUG-121862 N/A HWC Fast serialization in HiveWarehouseDataReaderFactory
BUG-122550 RANGER-2637RANGER-2651 Ranger Performance improvements
BUG-122226 TEZ-4075TEZ-4088TEZ-4091 Tez Query performance degrades over time and LLAP needs a frequent restart to recover.
BUG-121078 TEZ-4075 Tez Tez: Reimplement tez.runtime.transfer.data-via-events.enabled


Bug ID Apache Jira Apache Component Summary
BUG-121613 HADOOP-16247 HDFS NPE in FsUrlConnection
BUG-122113 HIVE-22208 Hive Column name with reserved keyword is unescaped when query including join on table with mask column is re-written
BUG-121967 HIVE-22231 Hive Hive query with big size via knox fails with Broken pipe Write failed
BUG-121842 HIVE-21799 Hive NullPointerException in DynamicPartitionPruningOptimization, when join key is on aggregation column
BUG-121822 HIVE-15956 Hive StackOverflowError when drop lots of partitions
BUG-121682 HIVE-21280ORC-540 Hive Null pointer exception on running compaction against a MM table.
BUG-121634 HIVE-22120 Hive Fix wrong results/ArrayOutOfBound exception in left outer map joins on specific boundary conditions
BUG-122407 N/A HWC Insert overwrite into managed table shows "does not match the file format" exception.
BUG-121727 N/A HWC HWC: Sharing a parent dataframe for more than one queries causes problems in Spark v2.3.x (actual fix)
BUG-121781 SPARK-26307 Spark Fix CTAS when INSERT a partitioned table using Hive serde
BUG-121408 SPARK-25271 Spark Creating parquet table with all the column null throws exception
BUG-121406 SPARK-26307 Spark Fix CTAS when INSERT a partitioned table using Hive serde


Bug ID Apache Jira Apache Component Summary
BUG-122199 HADOOP-16619 Hadoop Common Upgrade jackson and jackson-databind to 2.9.10
BUG-122198 HADOOP-16533 Hadoop Common Update jackson-databind to
BUG-122197 HADOOP-16487 Hadoop Common Update jackson-databind to
BUG-122158 N/A Hadoop Common Upgrade jackson-databind to 2.10.0
BUG-122103 N/A HDFS Fix potential FsImage corruption - CVE-2018-11768
BUG-122094 HIVE-22273 Hive Access check is failed when a temporary directory is removed
BUG-122008 HIVE-22243 Hive Align Apache Thrift version to 0.9.3-1 in standalone-metastore as well
BUG-121671 N/A Hive Upgrade to guava 28.0-jre in ORC
BUG-122085 N/A Livy Upgrade Netty to 4.1.42.Final
BUG-122084 LIVY-695 Livy Upgrade JQuery to 3.4.1 and Bootstrap to 3.4.1
BUG-122082 N/A Livy Upgrade Jackson to 2.10.0
BUG-121900 OOZIE-3543 Oozie Upgrade quartz to 2.3.1
BUG-121899 OOZIE-3544 Oozie Upgrade commons-beanutils to 1.9.4
BUG-122139 N/A Spark Upgrade Jackson to 2.10.0
BUG-122131 SPARK-29445 Spark Bump netty-all from 4.1.39.Final to 4.1.42.Final
BUG-122130 N/A Spark Upgrade Jackson to 2.10.0
BUG-121389 SPARK-26895 Spark When running spark 2.3 as a proxy user (--proxy-user), SparkSubmit fails to resolve globs owned by target user
BUG-121841 SQOOP-3447 Sqoop Remove usage of org.codehaus.jackson and org.json packages
BUG-121930 STORM-3201 Storm kafka spout lag on UI needs some cleanup - CVE-2018-11779


Bug ID Apache Jira Apache Component Summary
BUG-122155 HADOOP-16578 Hadoop Common ABFS: fileSystemExists() should not call container level apis
BUG-121929 HADOOP-16248HADOOP-16278 Hadoop Common Instability issues related to Hive Metastore
BUG-121515 HDFS-14042 Hadoop Common Fix NPE when PROVIDED storage is missing
BUG-121935 HBASE-22380 HBase break circle replication when doing bulkload
BUG-122241 HDFS-14423YARN-9833 HDFS Stability fixes
BUG-121613 HADOOP-16247 HDFS NPE in FsUrlConnection
BUG-122324 HIVE-22373 Hive File Merge tasks fail when containers are reused
BUG-122201 HIVE-22219 Hive Bringing a node manager down blocks restart of LLAP service
BUG-122106 HIVE-22275 Hive OperationManager.queryIdOperation does not properly clean up multiple queryIds
BUG-121959 HIVE-21866 Hive LLAP status service driver may get stuck with wrong Yarn app ID
BUG-121623 HIVE-22113 Hive Prevent LLAP shutdown on AMReporter related RuntimeException
BUG-121609 HIVE-22068 Hive Return the last event id dumped as repl status to avoid notification event missing error.
BUG-121421 PHOENIX-5188PHOENIX-5289 Phoenix NPE reading KeyValue in WAL with Phoenix
BUG-122525 YARN-9968 YARN Public Localizer is exiting in NodeManager due to NullPointerException
BUG-122252 YARN-9921 YARN Issue in PlacementConstraint when YARN Service AM retries allocation on component failure.
BUG-122121 YARN-9816 YARN EntityGroupFSTimelineStore#scanActiveLogs fails when undesired files are present under /ats/active.
BUG-122120 YARN-9744 YARN RollingLevelDBTimelineStore.getEntityByTime fails with NPE
BUG-121938 YARN-8015YARN-9209 YARN When nodePartition is not set in Placement Constraints, containers are allocated only in default partition


Bug ID Apache Jira Apache Component Summary
BUG-121578 HIVE-22129HIVE-22134 Hive Hive 3.1 driver includes org.glassfish.jersey.* which can interfere with Cognos
BUG-121499 HIVE-21009 Hive LDAP - Specify binddn for ldap-search
BUG-121863 N/A HWC HIVE HiveWarehouseSession().HIVE_WAREHOUSE_CONNECTOR class is static and cannot be accessed outside of that class.
BUG-122317 N/A Oozie Bigtop-Tomcat Ubuntu package is not being upgraded
BUG-122014 OOZIE-3551 Oozie Configure working defaults for Spark action in Oozie
BUG-121875 OOZIE-3542 Oozie Handle better old Hdfs implementations in ECPolicyDisabler
BUG-121836 OOZIE-3405 Oozie SSH action shows empty error Message and Error code
BUG-121783 N/A Spark Set spark.sql.parquet.writeLegacyFormat=true in spark


Bug ID Apache Jira Apache Component Summary
BUG-121956 HIVE-22241 Hive Implement UDF to interpret date/timestamp using its internal representation and Gregorian-Julian hybrid calendar
BUG-121535 HIVE-22110 Hive Initialize ReplChangeManager before starting actual dump
BUG-122276 N/A HWC HWC does not propagate some confs to hive
BUG-121835 OOZIE-3024 Oozie Email action ignores value of content_type attribute when attachment attribute is set
BUG-122458 PHOENIX-5552 Phoenix Hive against Phoenix gets 'Expecting "RPAREN", got "L"' in Tez mode
BUG-122051 PHOENIX-5506 Phoenix Psql load fails with lower table name
BUG-122023 RANGER-1912 Ranger Ranger setup fails with mariadb/mysql when binary logging is enabled
BUG-121869 HIVE-12261HIVE-14080 Spark Incorrect Hive version is updated in Database while running spark-sql command.
BUG-121686 YARN-9197 YARN NPE in service AM when failed to launch container
Table 1. Technical Service Bulletin
Technical Service Bulletin Apache JIRA Apache Component Summary
TSB-450 HBASE-21000 HBase

Default limits for PressureAwareCompactionThroughputController are too low

HDP and CDH releases suffer from low compaction throughput limits, which cause storefiles to back up faster than compactions can re-write them.

For the latest update on this issue see the corresponding Knowledge article: Cloudera Customer Advisory: Default limits for PressureAwareCompactionThroughputController are too low