HDP 3.1.5 Release Notes
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This release provides Phoenix 5.0.0 and the following additional Apache patches.

  • PHOENIX-5188: IndexedKeyValue should populate KeyValue fields

  • PHOENIX-5289: IndexRebuildTaskIT fails with HBase 1.5.x.

  • PHOENIX-5506: Psql load fails with lower table name

  • PHOENIX-5552: Hive against Phoenix gets "Expecting "RPAREN", got "L" in Tez mode"

The HDP 3.1.4 release provides Phoenix 5.0.0 and the following additional Apache patches.
  • PHOENIX-5388: Incorrect current_date()/now() when query involves subquery

  • PHOENIX-5060: DeleteFamily cells are getting skipped while building Index data after HBASE-21158

  • PHOENIX-4822: Ensure the provided timezone is used client-side

  • PHOENIX-5070: NPE when upgrading Phoenix 4.13.0 to Phoenix 4.14.1 with hbase-1.x branch in secure setup

  • PHOENIX-5178: SYSTEM schema is not getting cached at MetaData server

  • PHOENIX-4872: BulkLoad has bug when loading on single-cell-array-with-offsets table.

  • PHOENIX-3067: Phoenix metrics system should not be started in mini-cluster mode

  • PHOENIX-3499: Enable null value for quote character for CSVBulkLoad tool

  • PHOENIX-3633: Null pointer exception when subsquery for not exists returns empty result set

  • PHOENIX-3662: PhoenixStorageHandler throws ClassCastException

  • PHOENIX-3710: Cannot use lowername data table name with indextool

  • PHOENIX-4983: Allow using a connection with a SCN set to write data to tables EXCEPT transactional tables or mutable tables with indexes or tables with ROW_TIMESTAMP column.

  • PHOENIX-5309: Skip adding log4j and slf4j to phoenix-hive jar to avoid logging in hive-server2.err

HDP 3.0.0, HDP 3.0.1, and HDP 3.1.0 provided Phoenix 5.0.0 and no additional Apache patches.