Using Apache HBase to store and access data
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Export data to another cluster

The ExportSnapshot tool copies all the data related to a snapshot (HFiles, logs, and snapshot metadata) to another cluster. The tool executes a MapReduce job, similar to distcp, to copy files between the two clusters. Because it works at the file system level, the HBase cluster does not have to be online.

The HBase ExportSnapshot tool must be run as user hbase. The HBase ExportSnapshot tool uses the temp directory specified by hbase.tmp.dir (for example, /grid/0/var/log/hbase), created on HDFS with user hbase as the owner.

For example, to copy a snapshot called MySnapshot to an HBase cluster srv2 (hdfs://srv2:8020/hbase) using 16 mappers, input the following:

$ hbase org.apache.hadoop.hbase.snapshot.ExportSnapshot -snapshot MySnapshot -copy-to
hdfs://yourserver:8020/hbase_root_dir -mappers 16