Using Apache HBase to store and access data
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Configure On-Heap BlockCache

On-Heap BlockCache is the default implementation.

To configure either On-Heap BlockCache (LruBlockCache) or BucketCache, start by specifying the maximum amount of on-heap RAM to allocate to the HBase RegionServers on each node. The default is 1 GB, which is too small for production. You can alter the default allocation either with Ambari or in a manual installation:

  1. Ambari: Set a value for the RegionServer maximum Java heap size.
  2. Manual Installation: Set the HBASE_HEAPSIZE environment variable in the file. Specify the value in megabytes. For example, HBASE_HEAPSIZE=20480 sets the maximum on-heap memory allocation to 20 GB in The HBase startup script uses $HBASE_HEAPSIZE to override the default maximum JVM heap size (-Xmx).

If you want to configure off-heap BlockCache (BucketCache) only, you are done with configuration.