Using Apache HBase to store and access data
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Command for creating HBase backup image

Use hbase backup create command as hbase superuser to create a complete backup image.

Ensure that backup is enabled on the cluster. To enable backup, add the following properties to hbase-site.xml and restart the HBase cluster.

Following is the usage of the hbase backup create command with its arguments:
hbase backup create <type> <backup_path> [options] 

Required command-line arguments


It specifies the type of backup to execute, which can be full or incremental.

Using the full argument creates a full backup image. Using the incrementalargument creates an incremental backup image. It requires a full backup to already exist.


The backup_path argument specifies the full root path of where to store the backup image. Valid prefixes are hdfs:, webhdfs:, gpfs:, and s3fs:.

Optional command-line arguments

-b <arg>bandwidth_per_task

Specifies the bandwidth of each MapReduce task in MB per second.

-d <arg>

Enables DEBUG mode, which prints additional logging about the backup creation.

-q <arg>

It allows you to specify the Yarn queue name to run the backup create command on.

-s <arg>

Identify the tables to backup based on a backup set. Refer "Using Backup Sets" for the purpose and usage of backup sets. It is mutually exclusive with the -t (table list) option.

-t <arg>

A comma-separated list of tables to back up. If no tables are specified, all tables are backed up. No regular-expression or wildcard support is present; all table names must be explicitly listed. It is mutually exclusive with the -s option. One of these named options are required.

-w <arg>

Specifies the number of parallel MapReduce tasks to execute.