Managing Data Operating System
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Monitoring Flow Activity

You can view information about application flows from the Flow Activities page.

The page displays information about the recent flow activities in a tabular form. Clicking a Flow ID displays details of the corresponding flow on a separate Flow Information page.

The Flow Information page displays the following details for a selected flow activity:

Flow Info

Displays details of the selected flow such as its name, the associated user, the ID, the time when the first run started, the time when the last run finished, and the last execution date of the flow.

Flow Runs

Provides details of all the flow runs such as Run ID, Run Duration, CPU VCores, memory used, creation time, and end time. You can also view graphs of metrics such as Flow Run Vs Run Duration, Flow Run Vs CPU VCores, and Flow Run Vs Memory Used.

Clicking a Run ID displays its specific Flow Run Information page. On this page, you can view all the details of the flow info and list of applications associated with this flow. Clicking an Application ID displays details of the application.

The Flow Runs page also displays general metrics used by the particular flow run with the selected Flow Run ID. You can search for specific metrics by entering the details in the search bar.