Managing Data Operating System
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Define Queue Mapping Policies

Administrators can define a default mapping policy to specify that applications submitted by users are automatically submitted to queues.

With a default mapping policy, users are not required to specify the queue name when submitting their applications. The default mapping policy can be configured to be overridden if the queue name is specified for the submitted application.

Queue mapping is defined using a comma-separated list of mapping assignments. The order of the mapping assignments list is important -- in cases where mulitple mapping assignments are used, the Capacity Scheduler processes the mapping assignments in left-to-right order to determine which mapping assignment to use first.

The Queue mapping assignment is defined using the yarn.scheduler.capacity.queue-mappings property in the capacity-scheduler.xml file. Queue mapping assignments can be defined for a user (using "u") or for a group of users (using "g"). Each mapping assignment type is described in the following sections.