Using Apache HBase to store and access data
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HBase quota management

Two types of HBase quotas are well established: throttle quota and number-of tables-quota. These two quotas can regulate users and tables.

As of version 2.6, HDP has an additional quota type: a filesystem space quota. You can use file-system quotas to regulate the usage of filesystem space on namespaces or at the table level.

In a multitenant HBase environment, ensuring that each tenant can use only its allotted portion of the system is key in meeting SLAs.

Table 1. Quota Support Matrix
Quota Type Resource Type Purpose Namespace applicable? Table applicable? User applicable?
Throttle Network Limit overall network throughput and number of RPC requests Yes Yes Yes
New space Storage Limit amount of storage used for table or namespaces Yes Yes No
Number of tables Metadata Limit number of tables for each namespace or user Yes No Yes
Numbr of regions Metadata Limit number of regions for each namespace Yes No No