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Properties for Configuring Intra-Queue Preemption

Intra-queue preemption is enabled by default for YARN queues. In addition, you can configure the order of intra-queue preemption either by application priorities or configured user limits.

You can configure the values of the following properties in yarn-site.xml for intra-queue preemption:
Property Description
yarn.resourcemanager.monitor.capacity.preemption.intra-queue-preemption.enabled Specifies whether intra-queue preemption is enabled or disabled for queues.

The default value is true.

yarn.resourcemanager.monitor.capacity.preemption.intra-queue-preemption.preemption-order-policy Specifies the order in which a queue can preempt resources. Based on your requirements, you can configure this property to either of the following values:
  • userlimit-first, to initiate intra-queue preemption based on configured user limits. This is the default value.
  • priority-first, to initiate intra-queue preemption based on application priorities.