Managing Data Operating System
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Manage Long-running YARN Applications

You can use the YARN Services API to manage long-running YARN applications.

Previously in HDP 2.x, deploying a new service on YARN involved writing a native YARN application or leveraging an application framework such as Apache Slider. From HDP 3.0 onwards, Apache Slider has been removed from the stack. You can still write a native YARN application, but it is recommended that you use the new YARN Services API, which greatly simplifies the deployment and management of YARN services.
  1. Dockerize your application.
  2. Use the YARN Services API to run a POST operation on your application, specifying a long or unlimited lifetime in the POST attributes.
  3. Use the YARN Services API to manage your application.
    • Increase or decrease the number of application instances.
    • Perform other application life cycle tasks.