Managing Data Operating System
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Enable Override of Default Queue Mappings

You can override default queue mappings and submit applications that are specified for queues, other than those defined in the default queue mappings.

Override default queue mapping is disabled (set to false) by default.
      If a queue mapping is present and override is set to true, it will override the queue value specified
      by the user. This can be used by administrators to place jobs in queues
      that are different than the one specified by the user.
      The default is false - user can specify to a non-default queue.

To enable queue mapping override, set the property to true in the capacity-scheduler.xml file.

Consider the following example in the case where queue mapping override has been enabled:


If user "maria" explicitly submits an application to the "marketing" queue, the default queue assignment of "engineering" is overridden, and the application is submitted to the "marketing" queue.