Managing Data Operating System
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Deploy CSI driver on each NodeManager

You must manually deploy the CSI driver associated with the external storage on YARN. The CSI driver listens on a UNIX domain socket. Therefore, you must ensure that each NodeManager has the driver configured and running, and that the yarn user has read-write access to the UNIX domain socket file.

Configure the values of specific properties in yarn-site.xml to deploy the CSI driver on the NodeManager.
The following table lists the specific properties:
Property Name Example Value Description
yarn.nodemanager.csi-driver.names ch.ctrox.csi.s3-driver One or more names of the CSI drivers on the NodeManager.

The value of this property must be the same as the name returned by the driver’s GetPluginInfo API. unix:///tmp/ch.ctrox.csi.s3-driver.sock The UNIX domain socket path on which the driver listens. This value depends on how the driver is configured. The service address of the CSI driver adapter for the driver ch.ctrox.csi.s3-driver.

After the property is configured, YARN starts a CSI driver adapter service on this address and proxies requests to the CSI driver.