Configuring Apache Ranger Authentication with UNIX, LDAP, or AD
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Configure Ranger Authentication for UNIX

How to configure Ranger to use Unix for user authentication.

You can configure Ranger authentication in two ways:
  • During installation: Ranger Customize Services > Advanced tab > Ranger Settings
  • After installation: Ambari > Ranger > Configs > Advanced > Ranger Settings
  1. From the Ranger Settings tab:
    1. Enter the external URL, e.g.
    2. Under Authentication method, select UNIX.
    3. Under HTTP enabled, make a selection. This option enables you to select HTTP/HTTPS communication for Ranger admin console. If you disable HTTP, only HTTPS is allowed. HTTP is enabled by default.
  2. From the UNIX Authentication Settings tab, enter the following values:
    Table 1. UNIX Authentication Settings
    Configuration Property Description Default Value Example Value Required?
    Allow remote Login Flag to enable/disable remote login via UNIX Authentication Mode. TRUE TRUE No.
    ranger.unixauth.service.hostname The FQDN where the ranger-usersync module is running (along with the UNIX Authentication Service). localhost

    Yes, if UNIX authentication is selected.
    ranger.unixauth.service.port The port number where the ranger-usersync module is running the UNIX Authentication Service. 5151 5151 Yes, if UNIX authentication is selected.