Apache Solr Search Installation
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Installing HDP Search 4.0 Manually

HDP Search 4.0 packages are located in the HDP-SOLR 4.0 repository.

To install HDP Search 4.0, run the appropriate commands for your operating system on all cluster nodes that will run Solr.


RPM packages for CentOS/RHEL Linux are signed, so you will need to add the gpg key to your server. That step is included in the following instructions.

CentOS/RHEL Linux 7:

rpm --import https://archive.cloudera.com/p/HDP-SOLR/4.0.0-400/repos/centos7/RPM-GPG-KEY/RPM-GPG-KEY-Jenkins
cd /etc/yum.repos.d/
wget https://archive.cloudera.com/p/HDP-SOLR/4.0.0-400/repos/centos7/hdp-solr.repo
yum install lucidworks-hdpsearch